Let’s Eat Something Blue!

Today, if you do not know already, is Percy Jackson’s birthday. Huzzah! In honor of this glorious day, Rick Riordan’s new book, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes is out today. So go check it out!


You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or basically any book store. It’s a collection of myths about Greek heroes, and Percy is the narrator.

If you haven’t read the series yet, what are you doing? Go out there and start reading!

To celebrate Percy’s birthday, I attempted to try some of the blue foods in my house. It’s then when I realized that there were no blue foods anywhere… Oh well. I tried. That counts, right?

Here is a list of blue foods that you may have around your house:

  • blueberries
  • blue candy
  • blue cake (?)
  • water in a blue cup
  • blue food coloring (although I do not suggest to eat it plain, obviously)

I’m terrible at this….

Anyway, *awkward laugh* Percy Jackson if very close to my heart because I got to grow up with him, kind of like the Harry Potter characters. Plus, he is one of the only kick-butt heroes that I actually like.


(I was listening to a song by Fergie while writing this post and almost wrote ‘happy birthday, Fergie’. Yeah… I need some sleep.)


I’m ashamed to admit that I had an obscure amount of fun photoshopping this picture.

Happy birthday, Percy Jackson.


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