Let’s Review: Ignite Me


Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi is the third and last installment in the Shatter Me trilogy.

I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I believe it was a solid 4 star book.

It’s the end of the battle, and Omega Point was demolished. Juliette was shot in the chest by Anderson, so Warner saves her by sneaking her in the base and healing her. Juliette vows to kill Anderson and end The Reestablishment, and she has Warner’s support. While they were sneaking out, Kenji found both of them and took Juliette to where the rest of the crew was in hiding. Warner disappeared when Kenji came around. Juliette was reunited with the group, and tried to convince them to fight alongside her. All of the group joins her except Adam.

Warner eventually invited the group to his base to plan and train to defeat his father. It’s at this point where all the events unravelled. Juliette trained her powers with Kenji and occasionally with Warner. Warner’s mother died, and Juliette tried to convince him that she was in love with her, but Warner won’t accept it.

The group show off their powers to Sector 45 to gain their support against The Reestablishment. Warner learned that Adam and James are his brothers. Soon afterwards, the war is over when Juliette is the one still standing.


I really like how the story all came together at the end. It’s a satisfactory ending. All the problems were solved, and everyone was happy in the end. It’s almost like a happily ever after, but dystopian-style.

I thought Adam was such a stupid character in this book. All he was throughout the whole series was mad, angry, mad, resentful, mad, and self-pitiful. Oh, and did I mention mad? I feel like he let his emotions take control of his life and he couldn’t think straight. He was constantly mad at someone, mainly Juliette. I might even go as far as saying he was crazy.

That’s all I have to complain about.

Juliette, on the other hand, improved so much in this story. In the previous books, she was crying and all about emotion. She was weak, didn’t trust anyone, and believed the world revolved around her problems. Now, she was all straight-to-the-point, get-the-job-done, and no-nonsense. It’s as if Adam and Juliette switched their personalities.

Overall, it’s a great ending to a great trilogy. I wouldn’t think it as the best in the world (but that might be because I have such high expectations), but I still enjoyed it a lot.


One thought on “Let’s Review: Ignite Me

  1. Leen 01/09/2017 / 12:12 pm

    Yes, this trilogy is a great one! I loved it!
    Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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