I Wish You’d Have Told Me This Beforehand…

Buying books online can be a pretty shady thing. Pictures can be deceiving, with photoshop and all. If you’re going to sell something online, I would like the full description of the item. Especially when it comes to books.

Let’s say I’m on Amazon, and I want to buy from one of its sellers instead of from the actual sight. IF THE BOOK IS A DIFFERENT EDITION, PLEASE JUST LET ME KNOW. Somehow, someway, just let me know before I buy it.

About a week ago, I decided to order the first two books in the Throne of Glass series because I wanted to reread them before the fourth book, Queen of Shadows, is released. I wanted them in hardcover because I own the third book in hardcover… Yeah, I know, it’s a stupid reason but get over yourself. Because I only had a certain amount of money that I could spend, I wasn’t able to order the hardcovers directly from Amazon. So where do I go? The sellers. I tried to buy the most cheap ones that were under the “new” column. When they are arrived, one of them had a slightly discolored dust jacket while the other one was a completely different edition to the one I actually ordered.

If it’s under the edition with the drawing of Celaena Sardothian on it, then I’m going to assume I’m ordering the editing with the drawing, not the one with an actual model on the cover.

Okay, I take back my words. I looked at the cover of the Crown of Midnight online, and I guess the dust jacket isn’t discolored. I just thought the edges looked a little weird and ashy, but apparently it’s supposed to look like that. I apologize.

The good thing about getting the discontinued edition of Throne of Glass is that, as my friend pointed out, this edition is harder to find and therefore, more precious.

So the message of this random story is, when you’re selling books online, make sure that you let the buyer know which edition it is. Thanks, bub. I appreciate it.


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