It’s Only the Second Day….

… and I almost fell asleep in class. Yay. Great way to start the year!!

Anyway…. book-ish things.

I’m going to try and make another post very soon. If you want to just look at the website for this bookish Kickstarter, then here is the link:

If you want me to post a blog about it, don’t worry. I will, but I have a lot of homework at the moment.

Stay tuned!!

Alrighty, now about my day at school.

You see, I have to walk half way to my house just to get to the place my mom picks me up. Right now, it’s still over 100˚ F here where I live. So walking in a jacket and jeans out in the heat is not my ideal way to end my already sad school day. I think my mom kind of got the feeling that I was a bit frusterated with the workload, so she dropped me off home and headed towards the grocery store. Why? To get groceries, of course! Oh, and also to grab some chocolate to cheer me up. Thanks, mom! ❤ You’re the best.

(The background is my lovely math textbook that keeps me up at night. And not in a good way.)

How much reading did I get done for the past couple days? None. Nada. Zip. I really want to, but I just don’t have time. Everyone once in a while, I hope to sneak in a chapter or so, but I’m human, and need some sleep. Actually, sleeping-wise, I’m more like a sloth. I love sleeping.


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