Today is Friday, and you know what that means. THE WEEKEND IS HERE! I’m celebrating by doing the crap ton of homework my teachers have given me. Just because I won’t be in school for two days apparently means more work time for me, according to my teachers.

I literally got home and was like:

Actually, guess who’s math teacher decided to cancel all homework over the weekend because the quiz we took today took too long and we didn’t get to the notes? This person’s math teacher right here! *does mini happy dance before collapsing on bed with exhaustion from school*

Yup. I’m tired. The good thing about weekends is that I actually have enough time to put thought into my posts. During the school days, you probably noticed that 90% of my posts were complaining about school. Now, I can talk about book-ish things! Huzzah!

I have a couple post ideas I’ve had in mind for awhile…. I might even do a double post today.

Story time!

So, while I was walking home from school, this really super tall kid (probably a senior) was walking in front of me. His clothes weren’t fully in his gym bag, and while he was crossing a street, he accidentally dropped some of his clothes right in front of a bus tire. Me, not wanting to be run over by a bus, debated with myself whether or not to bring it to the guy’s attention that his clothes were about to be run over by a cylindrical piece of rubber that has been all over the dirty ground. Because laundry would be a pain if he did happen to figure out that his clothes decided to grow legs and jump out of his bag, I just grabbed the heap right as the bus started moving and ran after him. I gave the clothes to him like the good person I am, and he just kind of stared at me for a moment as though I had grown a third eye in my earlobe. When he finally registered I was holding his clothes, he seemed grateful. I guess it was worth almost being run over by a giant yellow school bus today.

I just realized that the woman in the background of this gif does a hair flip before Regina gets hit by a school bus.


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