If Books Were a Currency of Money…

…I would be very weathly.

Books are expensive. Paperbacks, back when I was a youngster in elementary school, were $8 max. Nowadays, paperbacks are starting to become up to $15. That’s crazy! I could buy a really horrible story in hardcover with that amount of money!

Because I love books, especially the physical copies, I try to find the cheapest version in the best condition, and after watching a lot of BookTubers, I’ve come across a website that I now love more than Amazon book shopping.

Have you heard of this site before? It’s one of the best discount stores I have ever come across (not that I know many).

Book Outlet has so many books for maybe the cheapest price you’ll ever find them in. In most cases, a lot of discount stores (especially the online ones) have books that no one has ever heard of buy. Book Outlet, however, has some best sellers, but you’re going to have be quick about buying them because they go by quickly.

The store has authors like Rainbow Rowell, Cassandra Clare, Brandon Sanderson, David Levithan, and Jennifer L. Armentrout. Occasionally, they have books by Libba Bray, Morgan Matson, Rick Riordan, and Marissa Meyer. And that’s only to name a few out of the plethora of authors and books on this website.

To be totally honest, the website layout seems kind of shady. Now, I’ve had my fair share of shady websites. I have accidently caught viruses on the family computer countless times. This website, for all I know, doesn’t have any viruses. It’s completely legit. There’s even a warehouse somewhere in Canada, if you need evidence this isn’t some joke.

The one thing that would make this site better is cheaper shipping, but even the shipping is pretty cheap for an online store. It’s $3.99 for two books and adds $.50 for every book over two you have in your cart.

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve shopped from this website a lot. Like, A LOT.

I want to even go as far as saying a good portion of the books I own are from Book Outlet.

So, if you’re an excessive book buyer like I am, you should definetly check out this website and save some of your money to buy more books! (Like the upcoming sequel of Throne of Glass, Queen of Shadows!)

I should be studying for my upcoming test… nah, I’ll do it later.


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