I have it. Queen of Shadows. By Sarah J. Maas. In my hand. I… I… I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m off to go read this now. Goodbye.

Haha I’m just messing with you. I actually got the book on my birthday. Apparently (after I posted my previous life update), my parents decided to surprise me and pretend that they weren’t able to get the book when in reality, they had it the whole time. So yeah. I told you my mom has a great sense of humor. Thanks Mom and Dad! ❤ You guys have very convincing acting skills. Or maybe I’m just gullible. Who knows.

Anywhoooooo…. I haven’t started the book yet, but I’m going to try and finish all my homework early so I can.

I think I’ve been fangirling too much lately about Throne of Glass… I’m sorry, reader. But it’s consuming my thoughts right now.

I’m so freaking excited I can’t even hide it!

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