The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

So…. it’s been a while since I’ve finished a book, but I did it! Huzzah!

Now we all know how terrible I am at reviews and putting my thoughts into groups of symbols that you guys can read and maybe understand. Sorry in advanced.

This book was a tad bit creepier than I expected. When I started this book, I was expecting a young-adult romance novel that was light and fluffy with a hint of magic/fantasy in it. Boy, was I wrong.

The romance in this book is a big part of the story (I wasn’t wrong about that), but it was not light and fluffy with rainbows and unicorns and a cherry on top.

Let’s just start of with a section from the beginning of the book:

“How am I going to die?”

The three of us watched the board. My calves prickled from kneeling on Rachel’s carpet for so long, and the backs of my knees felt clammy. Nothing happened.

Then something did. We looked at each other as the piece moved under our hands. It semi-circled the board, sailing past A through K, and crept past L.

It settled on M.

“Murder?” Claire’s voice was soaked with excitement. She was so sketchy. What did Rachel see in her?

The piece glided in the wrong direction. Away from U and R.

Landing on A.

Rachel looked confused. “Matches?”

“Mauling?” Claire asked. “Maybe you start a forest fire and get eaten by Smokey the Bear?” Rachel laughed, briefly dissolving the panic that had slithered in my stomach. When we first sat down to play, I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes ay Clarie’s melodramatics. Now, not so much.

The piece zigzagged across the board, cutting her laughter short.


We were silent. Our eyes didn’t leave the board as the piece jerked back to the beginning.

To A.

Then stopped.

(Hodkin, page 2-3)

Ooooooh. Creepy, right? No? Am I the only one?

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer starts off with a flashback in Mara Dyer’s past. Her friends and she played with an Ouija board one night. Six months later, her friends were dead but Mara miraculously survived with little wounds. The Dyer family decides to move to Florida so that Mara could get a fresh start and  deal with her PTSD a little better.

Ever since the accident, Mara has been seeing her friends. In the mirrors, in the hallways. Everywhere. She has also had a lot of nightmares about the day of her friends’ deaths. Her mother thinks she’s psychotic, and her dad has been keeping things from her. Important things.

When she starts school, she struggles to make friends (because she hates most of the students there) and good grades (because some the teachers hate her there). She meets Noah, the “alpha male” of the school, if you will. And you know what going to happen.

They both turn into big bowls of nachos.

Haha, I’m joking.

They fall in love. Of course.

At least it wasn’t a love triangle. ‘Cause I would have thrown the book across the room if it was.

*ahem* Sorry, I’ll contine.

Certain events happened to Mara, but not really. One day after a party when Mara arrived home (which was empty because the rest of her family was out somewhere), she noticed that her living room orientation was flipped. The door to the master bedroom was normally on one side, but it was now on the other. The picture of Rachel and her that was on her bedstand turned into a picture of their skeletons. And Mara accidentally dropped one her mother’s earrings down the drain of the bathtub. Mara reached for the earring, and then blacked out.

When she woke up again, she was in the hospital with a second-degree burn on her arm (ouch!!). Both of the earrings were in her ears, and the bathtub was filled with boiling water when her parents found her passed out on the bathroom floor.

A couple weeks later, the burn was completely gone. No scars, no angry skin. It was smooth like a baby’s butt.

Did I just type that? Oh my goodness, why am I not going to delete that part? I don’t know…


Anyway, I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

It was an okay book. I enjoyed it, but not to the point where I would be fangirling over it. The characters were interesting, and Mara and I had a decent relationship. I didn’t hate her while reading this book.

Mara was okay. Noah was okay. Jamie, Mara’s only friend at her new school, I liked. He was pretty cool. But other than that, everyone was just “okay”.

The storyline didn’t peak my interest that much. Again, it was okay.

But the ending though!



I was like:

Yeah that ending was just…. wow.

Even if I didn’t enjoy this book that much, I still kind of want to read the next book because of the ending!

When he just appeared… but that happened…so technically… and she….. I can’t words right now. I just can’t words.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy slightly creepy books with romance in them. The closest book I can think of that has the same creepiness-level is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Of course, the plot is nothing like MPHFPC, but it’s just as creepy. This book is part of a young-adult fantasy (?) trilogy, and I may pick up the next book. I don’t know. We shall see.


5 thoughts on “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

  1. Trisha Ann 01/02/2016 / 2:03 am

    This book has been on my TBR for the longest time! I can’t believe I haven’t picked it up. The cover was creepy which sparked a great deal of interest in me. Thank you for this spoiler-proof review. The gifs make me want to read it even more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 01/02/2016 / 2:14 am

      Haha no problem! You should definitely read it 😀


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