International Peace Day

Today we lay down our weapons, our harsh words, and our fists in honor of the International Peace Day. It took the UN several years to get this day to work.

September 21st was meant to lower the violence that could be happening in your community, your school, and even your own household.

It was also meant to stop a day war with a day of peace.

But most importantly, it was meant to make peace with those around you.

Apologize to those you wronged. Send a kind text to someone you gotten on the wrong foot with. Help someone who needs to be cheered.

International Peace Day has been spread all around the world, and the UN is hoping to spread it even further by 2016.

People have been doing peace walks, gatherings where people just hang out and make friends, and playing sports with each other.

So the question is,

Who will you make peace with?


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