Day 58- And Then a Wild Rowan Appears!

There might be some spoilers of Queen of Shadows in here… Proceed with caution.

So, I have decided to ditch my original plan of reading Queen of Shadows super slowly because I really want to get to some of the newly released books I got.

(Quick note: If you don’t know what Queen of Shadows is, it’s the fourth book of a young-adult urban(?) fantasy series called Throne of Glass. Now that you are more educated on this subject, start reading the series. Now. Yes. Right now. Do it. Just DO it! -Shia LaBeouf)

I starting reading QOS at my normal pace, stopping every once in a while to grab a snack or finish some homework.

And then he appears.



The Awkward Book Blogger isn’t here anymore. She has been reduced into a pile of gooey happiness.

Haha just kidding! But seriously though…

If you don’t know (or can’t tell by my obvious enthusiasm), I really like Rowan and definitely ship Aelin and him together.

The male emerged from the fog; tall- maybe taller than Aedion himself, if only by an inch- powerfully built, and heavily armed both above and beneath his pale gray surcoat and hood.

Aelin took a step forward.

One step, as if in a daze.

She loosed a shuddering breath, and a small, whimpering noise came out of her- a sob.

And then she was sprinting down the alley, flying as though the winds themselves pushed at her heels.

She flung herself on the male, crashing into him hard enough that anyone else might have gone rocking back into the stone wall.

But the male grabbed her to him, his massive arms wrapping around her tightly  and lifting her up. Nesryn made to approach, but Aedion stopped her with a hand on her arm.

Aelin was laughing as she cried, and the male was just holding her, his hooded head buried in her neck. As if he were breathing her in.

“Who is that?” Nesryn asked.

Aedion smiled. “Rowan.”

(Maas 233)

I was seriously about to cry when I read that part.

Honestly I have a problem.

But it’s a good problem, in my opinion.

I seriously hope that Aelin and Rowan are together at the end of this series.

They better be.

Or else.

Ya here me, Sarah J. Maas?

These two freaking amazing characters better end up with each other!!

When I read that excerpt, I stopped everything I was doing and hopped onto the Internet. I refuse to pick up the book again until I have settled down from this happiness I’m experiencing.

This is the most fangirling you’re going to see from me in a very long time.

If anyone can get my inner fangirl to shine, it’s Sarah J. Maas.

Okay. Fangirling over. I need to get back to reading.

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