Day 77- 20 Types of People During Halloween

Over the years, I have noticed that there are 20 types of people during Halloween. To the young trick-or-treaters, to the elderly, everyone does something on Halloween.

1) The Homemade Costumes

Now, these are the trick-or-treaters who are at the acceptable age. They have parents trailing behind them as they run around in their costume that someone made for them. Or they bought it. Who knows.

2) The Parents

These are the adults that trail behind their children to make sure they are polite and having fun.

3) The Witch’s Cauldron

There are the people who stay home to pass out candy.

4) The Lazy Candy Bowl

This is the house where they just set the bowl of candy outside so they don’t have to get up everytime someone rings the doorbell.

5) The Strict Lazy Candy Bowl

This is the house where they set their bowl of candy outside but limits each trick-or-treater to one/two pieces of candy.

6) The Robber

This is your typical teen trick-or-treater that decides to take advantage of the candy bowls outside and dumps all its contents inside their pillowcase and run away.

7) The Baby

The parents stroll around their baby in a cute costume so that they can get free candy. At least the baby was cute.

8) The Caught-Between-Both-Worlds

This is your trick-or-treater that is a bit older than the usual age of trick-or-treating, but still is acceptable to receive candy.

9) The Lazy

This is the person who “lost” his/her costume but still decides to go trick-or treating

10) The There-Was-No-Board

This is the person who went all-out with their costume. You might say they went overboard, but there wasn’t a board to begin with.

11) The Haunted House

This is the one house on the street where the family went all-out with their decorations. You appreciate the effort, but honestly, you’re now too scared to approach it.

12) The Generous

This is the one house on that one street where they give out lots of candy and all the kids visit there at least once during their trip around the neighborhood.

13) The Deceptive

This is the house where they accidently leave their house light on but doesn’t have any more candy.

14) The Deceptive (again)

This is the house where they accidently don’t have their houselight on but is giving out candy.

15) The Friendly I-Love-The-Outdoors-Even-Though-It’s-Freezing-Cold-Right-Now

These are the people who stay outdoors to pass out their candy. I have come to learn that they are some of the nicest people to talk to.

15) The Party-er

These are the people who were cool enough to be invited to a Halloween party.

16) The Awkwardly Old 

This is the trick-or-treater that is too old to trick or treat in the rules of society but still does so just for the candy.

17) The Oh, It’s You

This is the acquaintance you meet on the streets/at your house, but is not your friend.

18) The Flock of Geese

This is the group of kids that decide it’s okay to trick or treat altogether and be obnoxious along the way.

19) The Tired

This is your young child that is tired of walking after awhile and wants to go home.

20) The Party-Pooper

This is the person who does nothing to contribute to Halloween.

Despite all the weird people during Halloween, I still enjoy the holiday. I get to spend time with my friends and family and get free candy.

Hope you guys have a “BOO”tiful Halloween and stay safe!


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