December Anticipated Releases

I don’t have many anticipated released this month because there aren’t many books being released. I feel as though fall this year was a great time for book releases and now it’s kind of dying off into its normal pace.

Anyway, onto the releases!

I only have two this month… Let’s get started shall we?

Untamed by A.G. Howard (Splintered, 3.5)


I really enjoyed the Splintered series and this book talks about what happens after the story ends (like an epilogue) and also has some deleted scenes that were put in to give a hint of the lives of the characters.

Maximum Ride 9 by James Patterson and NaRae Lee


Not many people that I know has read the manga version of Maximum Ride. I’ve already read the Maximum Ride series in the beginning of junior high and when I found that there was an illustrated version, I thought, why the heck not? So yeah. I’m re-reading the whole series but in picture format.

My TBR pile is still growing. At least I’ll have time this month to read some more books!


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