Looking Back at 2015: Reading Stats


This is my last post of 2015!! I can’t believe that 2015 is going to be over in a couple hours…

This year was a pretty good reading year, but I was in a huge reading slump for a couple months during the fall. It was pretty bad. I barely got any books read, so I just resorted to graphic novels so I could reach my goal on Goodreads.

Speaking of Goodreads, I finally reached my goal! Granted, I changed the number of books I wanted to read several times because I was getting too close to completing it in the middle of the year. It started off at 48 (because I read the average of four books per month) but soon raised to 60, and eventually 80.

Anyway, let’s get onto the stats! (These stats are all according to Goodreads)


Total # Books Finished: 82
Total # Books Not Finished: 3 (I think)

Highest Reading Months: March (15), July (12), June (10)
Lowest Reading months: October (1), May (2), January & September (3)

Genres Read: (I tried my best to put all the books into genres)
– Fantasy (37)
– Dystopian/Sci-Fi (13)
– Paranormal/Supernatural (12)
– Contemporary (9)
– Re-telling (5)
– Non-fiction (2)
– Mystery/Thriller (2)
– Historical (1)

As always, fantasy dominates my reading selection.

My Goodreads Year of 2015 in Books

My top books I read this year are in another post. You can check it out here:

Top 15 Books I Read in 2015

For my posts about 2016, you can check them out here:

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See you guys next year! 😀

4 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2015: Reading Stats

  1. bookedsolid1989 01/01/2016 / 5:54 am

    Holy cow, that’s a lot of books! Awesome job! And great post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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