The Well of Ascension

“I will not fear you,” Vin whispered. “And I will find your secret.” (Sanderson 175)


First of all, before I even start this review, can I just point out how long it took me to finish the book? Five months! This book took me five months to finish. That’s not cool. It’s pretty long, but I’ve finished longer books in a shorter amount of time.

Oh well.

I’m not going to go talk about the synopsis because it’s the second book in the Mistborn trilogy and I might accidently spoil you. If you want a synopsis, click here to go its Goodreads page.



I’m just going to start off with the cons of this book so I can hurry up and talk about the pros.

The first 3/4 of the book was slow. EXTREMELY slow. All it was was politics, meetings, arguing, scheming, etc. There wasn’t a lot of action. There were times where a fight would break out, but it was scarce. I guess that’s why I was so slow at reading this book. It was the same thing over and over and over again. There were meetings, then there were planning a on how to save Luthadel, and then there were lessons, and then there were… You get the idea.

Also, I hated that Vin and Elend were in a rocky road in their relationship in the first portion of the book. And it was all because they didn’t talk to each other about that they felt and what they were thinking. Miscommunication can be such a evil witch sometimes.

At least in the end they figured it out. Or more likely Vin figured out what she wanted and needed. After she killed Zane, she realized a lot of things, and Elend and she got married. It might have been a simple wedding, but it made me happy all the same that there was a little joy in the midst of chaos. Or should I say, in the *mist* of chaos!  Too pun-y? Too bad.

Like the first book, The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson pulled a George R. R. Martin. He killed off so many name characters! I thought it was bad when he killed off Kelsier in The Final Empire but I guess he wasn’t done. There were a couple peeps that I wasn’t all that surprised that they died, but there others where my jaw dropped open.


I wasn’t so surprised that Zane, Straff’s Mistborn, died in a battle against Vin. And same with Jastes. He was going to lose control of the koloss (they’re like ogres, but the bigger the brawn, the smaller the brain) eventually when they figured out he was deceiving them with fake money. I was just surprised that it was Elend to behead him, not the koloss.

I knew during the battle that some of the crew members were going to end up dead. Unfortunately, I was right. Why did Sanderson have to kill off Clubs and Dockson? And Tindwyl too? Why, after all these years Sazed finally admitted to himself that he liked her, did Tindwyl have to die?


And there were so many characters that almost died.

Like Elend, for example. And Sazed. And Vin, on many occasions. And basically everyone that fought in the battle and survived.

Speaking of Elend, who knew that he was a Mistborn? His dad had many mistresses to produce a lot of Allomancers kids, and hopefully a Mistborn. Ironically enough, he not only had one Mistborn as a son, but two. And one of them was his “weak and foolish” son.

One thing I liked about The Well of Ascension is the introduction of new characters. Tindwyl was my favorite new character (although she didn’t survive long). She came to the Keep Venture to teach Elend how to be a ruler when he was the king of Luthadel at the time. She might have been harsh, but Elend eventually thrived  from it. I could tell that Tinwyl had a good motive when she started teaching Elend.

I don’t know what to think about Allrianne, who’s the daughter of Lord Cett… She wasn’t a bad person or anything, but she was a distraction that no one needed at the time of her arrival. I was suspicious that she was spying for her dad, but her intentions were pure. She didn’t do much, but at least she tried to help Elend and Vin in the end during the battle.

There was a time when it was clear that there was a spy inside Keep Venture that was feeding information to Straff. Vin took on the duty to find whoever it was that was spying on them. She thought that a kandra took place of one of the people inside Keep Venture. And she wasn’t that off. At first, she suspected Allrianne, because she arrived in Luthadel at the most convenient time. And then she thought it the head guard. In the end, when the truth was forced out, it was OreSeur. Or should I say TenSoon? OreSeur is the kandra who was bound to Vin by the Contract thanks to Kelsier. Once OreSeur’s body was destroyed, he went out to get a new one, but that meant that the Contract was over. Zane, in between the time OreSeur wolfhound body was destroyed and OreSeur came back with a new body, made a new Contract with him and ordered OreSeur/TenSoon to spy on Keep Venture.

It was a genius idea, yet a sad one. Vin was trying so hard to get OreSeur to trust again, and she succeeded. OreSeur didn’t trust a lot, but he trusted Vin enough to tell her some of the secrets of the kandra. Even if it was on accident. And when it came to the battle between Zane and Vin, he trusted Vin with his body, and let her control him to attack Zane when she thought all hope was lost. After the battle was over and Zane was dead, Vin forgave OreSeur, and let him go.


Then there were the plot twists. So many plot twists! I thought for a very long time that Zane was poisoning his father, but NOOOOO. It was someone else. I thought that Elend was just a regular human, but he turns out to be a Mistborn. Then there was the time OreSeur “betrayed” Vin. Also, Vin thought for the longest time that the mist-human-thing was trying to kill her when in reality, it was trying to save her and the world. And the biggest one of all, was when Tindwyl and Sazed spent all that time deciphering and reading, but in the end, they messed up. In the end, Vin wasn’t supposed to release The Well of Ascension, but by the time Sazed realized that, he was too late.


Overall, I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars, because even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the first portion of it, the end made up for it.


Hopefully, I won’t take as long on The Hero of Ages as the other two books in this series.

If you haven’t read the Mistborn trilogy, or any of Brandon Sanderson’s books, what are you doing? Hop to it! You won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “The Well of Ascension

  1. Windie @ Geek Apprentice 01/02/2016 / 3:53 pm

    The start of this book was definitely so slooww. I think I paused everytime Vin paused (which is to say, a lot). Hahaha, we now know he didn’t shy away from killing major characters. xD I don’t know whether I should be happy (because he won’t compromise) or terrified (because he might just kill everyone).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 01/02/2016 / 4:33 pm

      Yeah the first portion of the book took me forever to read.
      I honestly don’t know who Sanderson is going to kill next in the trilogy 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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