The Paper Magician

So… my original draft got deleted for some odd reason. Time to rewrite! It’s a good thing that I didn’t particularly like my first draft. XD



The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg is about Ceony, a magician, and her journey into becoming a Paper Magician. She originally wants to become Smelter, a magician that can control and enchant metals.

Paper Magic is a dying practice because it’s viewed as useless by many other magicians. Because there isn’t many magicians in the area, Ceony isn’t given the choice in becoming a one. At first, she resents the idea of binding with paper, but as her mentor, Magician Emery, starts to teach her the ways and uses of paper, Ceony starts to see the beauty in it.

One day into Ceony’s studies, a woman comes into the house and steals her mentor’s heart.

No, seriously. This random woman that Ceony only had seen once in a vision breaks into the house and takes Mg. Emery’s beating heart out of his chest and leaves.

Mg. Emery only has a couple days to live with the enchanted paper heart he creates. Ceony has to put her knowledge and skills to the test in order to retrieve what was stolen before it’s too late.


I found that this book was your average, short book. I didn’t find it particularly interesting while I was reading it, but it was enjoyable enough to get me through the whole book.


The beginning and end was slow for me. In the beginning of the book, it was the same thing over again. It talked about Ceony and her studies, but sometimes it was just the same thing that she did yesterday or the day before. As for the ending… you’re going to have to find out for yourself.

The characters are… distant. If that makes any sense. I couldn’t connect with them, so it felt like watching the book on a movie screen rather than being in the world.

I give this book a 3 / 5 characters from BBC Sherlock.


If you’re look for an quick read, this book is definitely for you!




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