Day 147- I’m Too Tired to Think of a Good Title

I’m typing this at 2 o’clock in the morning. I just completed a bit of my project that’s due tomorrow at 5:00 pm. Easy A, you say? That’s a big piece of bull poop. I don’t see the “easy” or the “A” anywhere in this project.
Anyway, exams are next week. Which means my teachers decided it’s a great idea to cram in all the projects, quizzes, and tests they forgot to give me. Yippee.

I have too much stuff to finish and study to be able to blog properly, so I just wanted to update that I probably won’t be posting anything within the next week or so.

Thankfully, after all this hectic stuff is over, I get a three-day weekend to just relax and unwind. Probably then I will have time to blog.

I just yawned so hard that my jaw aches now.

It’s seems as though I’m going to need some tea when I wake up in a couple hours.


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