Between Shades of Gray

We’d been trying to touch the sky from the bottom of the ocean.


Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys takes place during Stalin’s rule. Lina Vilkas, a girl who loved art, was taken in 1941 along with the her family because they were on the list. The list had a names of people and families that Stalin wanted exterminated. When they were shipped to Siberia, Lina, her family, and her friends have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Even if it means sacrificing everything they ever knew.



I listened to the audiobook, and dang. It was sad.

There was the bald, old man that was introduced in the beginning of the story, and I despised him throughout the whole story. There were times where I felt sympathy, but 99.841% of the time, he was really pesky. He was the character that was selfish that believed that everyone should treat to him. He forced other people to suffer just so that he wouldn’t. There were many times where I wished that I could reach into the book and smack some sense into him.

Rant. Over.

Anyway, the one thing that I found unrealistic is the romance in this book. Yes, the book would be a little bleak without it (which is why I’m not going to complain too much), but I found it really unrealistic considering the situation that the characters were in. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy the romance aspect. It helped Lina get through those grueling days.

Honestly, the whole thing that made this book so depressing is the fact that the way the soldiers treated the Lithuanians and the other citizens was probably how the actual soldiers treated the citizens during Stalin’s rule.

I wanted to cry in the end because of all they suffered. It sucked. And that’s putting it very, very lightly.

I’m just glad that in the end, although Lina and her brother lost both of their parents,  they were able to find their happy endings.

Speaking of happy endings, let’s talk about Andrius. I’m happy that Lina and he got together in the end, but dang! They had to go through so much together.

So many characters died in this book. Many of them I weren’t surprised that they did. To be completely honest, I expected Lina, her brother, and Andrius to die as well. But thankfully, they didn’t.

Overall, this book was super depressing. It was just one depressing event after another. There were times where I wondered how they haven’t gone crazy yet.


I rate this book 4 /5 BBC Sherlock characters.


Until next time….

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