Winter Book Haul


I bought less books this season because now I’m on a book buying ban. If I wasn’t, this haul would have been a whole heck of a lot longer. I’m trying to cut down on the number of books I’m buying to match the rate I read. Back in the day, I used to have a lot of time to read, but school happened and now I barely have time to sleep.image



Both of these lovely books were Christmas presents. I only asked for Golden Son because I didn’t want to raise the number of books in my TBR pile. However, my good friend half way across the world decided to send me Graceling. Thanks so much, you guys! ❤




It was 2 AM when I got the email that I won the Goodreads giveaway for A Gathering of Shadows. I started it right when I got in the mail, but unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet. It’s been weeks. WEEKS. And yet the book lays unfinished on my desk. I swear I’m trying to find time to read but with everything that’s happening, I don’t think I’m going to be finishing this book any time soon.


These are the books that forced me to accept the fact that I needed to go on a book buying ban. I was on the B&N website and couldn’t control myself. And I bought three hardcovers. Whoops.




I had to read a biography for my English class this year, and what better way to make a project fun by reading a funny book? This book was an exception to my book buying ban because it was required and I needed it for school.


Until next time….



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