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I wasn’t tagged to do this by anyone, but Sasha from abookutopia on YouTube created this tag and I was intrigued. You don’t have to read the Outlander series in order to do this tag. I haven’t read a single book from the series, but I have watched the first couple episodes in the TV series.

Original video:


The Questions:

1. You touch some standing stones and get transported back in time, what year would you hope to land in?

I have no clue. I honestly have no clue what time period I would like to land in. I actually don’t think I would mind going to 1700s Scotland where Claire landed in when she touched the standing stones in Outlander. Scotland looks beautiful. Plus, Jamie. He’s not hard on the eyes.

2. Claire is a very good nurse. What type of skill would you want to have that a fictional character excels at?

I think it would be pretty great to be Hermione Granger. Seriously. Think about it. She’s really good at magic, quick, and so intelligent! She can basically bust herself out of any bad situation. If not her, then I’m going with Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices trilogy. She’s also pretty badass.

3. Jamie and Claire are ultimate relationship goals. Who is your favorite fictional couple?

Aelin and Rowan!!!  I don’t care what you other people think, but Aelin and Rowan have to be together. Seriously. Aelin and Rowan. Together. Yes. Please.

4. The ending of Outlander was shocking. What is one book you read that totally blew your mind?


The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson figuratively blew my brains into the outerspace. That plot twist at the end was so unexpected. I still can’t believe that Brandon Sanderson would do that. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT!?! I have no clue.

5. Scotland has lots of castles and we see quite a few in Outlander. What fictional kingdom would you want as your own (castle included)?


I’m going to take Sasha’s answer and say the world in A Court of Thorns and Roses. I would love to see how the kingdoms and the castles interact with each other.And Tamlin. You can’t forget Tamlin.

6. Outlander has some very steamy scenes. What is your favorite romance novel?

I don’t read many romance novels, but out of the ones that I’ve read, I’m going to have to choose either The Fault in Our Stars or A Court of Thorns and Roses. The relationship between Hazel and Augustus is so freaking cute. And then there’s Feyre and Tamlin. Their relationship is intense.

7. The Jacobite Rising is a huge plot point in the Outlander series. What book has your favorite battle in it?

Any of the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Throne of Glass, or Mistborn books will do. They have some seriously intense battles in there. Especially the Mistborn trilogy. If you want some action, Brandon Sanderson will not disappoint. The battles had my heart pounding. Even the little skirmishes were slighly intense. Geez, this series is going to give me a heart attack one day.

8. Jamie and Claire get marries very unexpectedly. What fictional character would you want to marry on a whim?

Rowan. For sure. Unless he marries Aelin. I’m okay with that too. Actually, the more I think about it, I’d much rather have Rowan marry Aelin. I take my answer back. I’ll take Aedion Ashryver instead. *swoon*

9. Scotland is a beautiful place. What is one fictional world you would love to visit?


You get the idea.

11. Tag somebody!

(If you have already done or don’t want to do this tag, feel free to ignore this.)

Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek

Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction

Kayla @ Booked Solid

Vrushali @ Vrushali 21

Michelle @ The Reading Belle

Alysyn @ Rein Reads

And you! If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!


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5 thoughts on “The Outlander Book Tag

  1. My Book Sense 04/18/2016 / 2:24 am

    The idea of time traveling scares me so much. lol Obviously I know it’s fiction, but image if we did travel back in time. I know I definitely wouldn’t survive with my lack of history knowledge.

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