2016 Fall Book Haul


I got a lot more books that I expected to this season. My TBR pile is a mile high and I’m in a reading slump. That hasn’t stopped me from getting more books, though. I honestly have no self-control when it comes to books.




This came out a little after my birthday, and since my friend and I are such big fans of the series, she got each of us a copy. She decided to get the two different editions with the short stories at the end so we could switch books and read each other’s short stories. She gave me the Target version and kept the B&N version for herself.


I got this book by mistake. I’m in a book club, and the leaders sent out the wrong sheet with the wrong books on them. I didn’t know this, so I went out and bought Looking for Alaska, which was on the list. It was later (after I couldn’t return the book) when I was told that I wasn’t supposed to actually get those books. Good thing I didn’t go out and buy the others on the list.


This was the actual book we were supposed to go out and purchase. I already read and reviewed it here on this blog. If you want to check out my thoughts, click here to go to my review. It wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst.




I won these books in a giveaway that Susan Dennard (author of the Truthwitch series). I haven’t read any of these yet, but I’m super excited to!


I’m not ready for this series to be over. Why couldn’t this be a trilogy?




I was visiting Austin, Texas with my family this Thanksgiving and one of my bookish friends pushed me to go check out the store called Book People. All the bookstores near where I live are fairly small. Book People in Austin in TWO FLOORS! It blew my mind how big the whole store was. They don’t just sell books. They also sell local artists’ art, shirts, toys, etc. But of course I went there for the books. I found this copy of Gemina, which was signed, so I had to get it. I loved the first book, Illuminae, and plan to read this very soon.


Until next time….


7 thoughts on “2016 Fall Book Haul

  1. Kayla @ Kdrewkthebookworm 12/03/2016 / 3:11 pm

    Great haul! I hope you enjoy your new books!❤️

    Looking for Alaska is amazing. You are right to have bought it- you’ll see why once you read it! It’s one of my absolute favourite books😊

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  2. Lara 12/03/2016 / 3:13 pm

    I saw that exact copy of Water for Elephants in my local book store, I never got round to watching the movie, now not even the book. I loved a star-Crossed Queen, I still need to get round to reading Illuminae and Sabaa Tahir books, I love your images by the way ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh all these books are such great choices! I’m currently working on Crooked Kingdom, and I don’t wait it to end. Ever.
    I’m actually not too big of a John Green fan, but Looking for Alaska is my personal favorite by him. I think you’ll like it. I hope you get out of your reading slump soon, though!❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 12/03/2016 / 9:38 pm

      Yes! I don’t want the Six of Crows series to ever end.
      I have high expectations for Looking for Alaska. Everyone has been telling me they really enjoyed it.
      Thanks! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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