Day 511- Toenails and Paper-cuts Galore!

So my week is off to a great start. Last night, I split my toenail in half. It sounds a lot grosser than it actually was. I didn’t split my toenail in two pieces. It was more like I was peeling off a layer of toenail. Now I have a very thin layer of toenail protecting my toe. Okay, actually I take that back. That also sounds pretty gross. I apologize if I just upset your stomach.


Thankfully, it didn’t hurt that much. I actually didn’t notice it until I hit my toe on a table leg.

(If you can’t tell by now, I’m super clumsy. Sometimes, I trip over nothing.)

Also, I gave myself a small paper cut on my finger and it STINGS LIKE A MOTHERFLUBBER! How can something so tiny hurt so dang much? Science probably has the answer to that. I bet my nerves are having a party right now.

On top of all that, this week is finals week. Am I having a rough time? A little bit. Just a tad.

I hope you guys are having a much better week than I am!

If you aren’t, here’s a few gifs that might make you happier:

4dedc-tumblr_lboxp0rg461qb0zfoo1_500cookie-melted-chocolate-70464giphyb21df-tumblr_mytrs7y1v51s6zup8o1_500Image result for moana baby gifImage result for flower cat gifImage result for cat in a box gifImage result for cute puppy gifImage result for dog gif tumblr


Until next time….


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