Dream Team Army

I’ve been thinking recently about what I wanted to write and I remembered this assignment I did in one of my classes. We had to choose an occupation and build a dream team for that job. For example, if I chose the occupation as a surgeon, I would have to build a team of a surgeon, surgeon assistant, nurses, etc.

Taking that idea, I wanted to build my dream team army with book characters if I ever happened to be in a zombie apocalypse. I not only have to consider everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, but also their ability to get along with each other. I was about to put Kaz and Rhysand together but… yeah that wouldn’t end well.


Rhysand – Leader

I don’t think Rhysand would work well under the orders of another so I decided to put him as the leader. Plus, he’s pretty powerful and a natural leader. I’d much rather have him on our side than against us.

Captain Thorne – Second-in-Command

He was the comedic relief in The Lunar Chronicles and he gets along with everyone. I feel like where Rhysand can be ruthless sometimes, Thorne can combat that. He’s the glue to the whole team.

Cress – Hacker

Cress is awesome at hacking, and she’s a quick thinker. I’m not sure there would be much to hack during the apocalypse but you never know. Maybe the situation is like in the YA dystopian novels where the government is still well off with electricity and defenses while the people are suffering in the outside.

Leo Valdez – Technician

Leo can build anything out of anything. That can come in handy during the apocalypse. Plus, having Hephaestus on our side won’t hurt.

Hermione Granger – Tactician

She’s the voice of reason. Hermione thinks quickly and efficiently. She’s no nonsense and get’s Harry and Ron out of crap situations all the time. She would be the person you’d want to stick with during the apocalypse. Also, magic.

June Iparis – Tactician

June is also quick and efficient. She’s also really good at fighting. She was trained on military tactics and how to fight since she was a child, for Pete’s sake.

Inej Ghafa – Spy

I don’t know why I’ll need a spy but I might. Inej would be an awesome person for that. Once again, if I was ever in the YA dystopian novel situation where I need to breach someone’s super duper defended base, Inej could probably gather some information on where something is and how to get it unnoticed.

Sorscha – Medic

She was apparently one of the best healers in the Adaralan Castle (Throne of Glass series). Having a medic that can use plants and herbs will be to our advantage.

Fleetfoot – Therapist

Apocalypses are scary times and every once in a while people need to let their stress and fear out. I think the best kind of therapists are dogs, and Fleetfoot which be an awesome dog to talk about your worries to. He’s lovable, playful, and loyal. He’s so cute and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Hopefully none of these characters are allergic….


Until next time….


2 thoughts on “Dream Team Army

  1. Tanya 04/10/2017 / 11:12 pm

    Oh! I love Fleetfoot. And this is such a refreshing post. Great team you got there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 04/11/2017 / 12:10 am

      Fleetfoot is quite a character XD


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