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I love books. I love discounts and deals. I find it fun to search for a good deal on a certain book I either need or want. Most of the time, that means I have to do my searching online because it’s hard to find books at a discounted price without having to drive more than half an hour.

That’s why I decided to compile all the online stores that sells books in case someone else is also looking for great places to buy books at a more discounted price. (Just a disclaimer, but I’m not sponsored by anyone to write this. I just really wanted to compile a list of websites where I get most of my discounted books.)


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This is probably everyone’s first website destination if they want to get a book online. It’s also one of the first places I check for books as well.

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Barnes & Noble

This is the second place I look when wanting to buy books. Surprisingly enough, a lot of the time books are cheaper online on Barnes & Noble than on Amazon. I don’t know why, but it is. However, Amazon carries more books than Barnes & Noble. Both are great websites to check out.

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I feel like a lot of people forget that Target sells books when they start searching online. I actually really like buying books from Target because of all of the special editions they carry. Also, sometimes the book is cheaper than when you get it from Barnes & Noble or Amazon and you’re getting a brand new copy.

Image result for half price books logo

Half Price Books

I rarely buy from the Half Price Books online store, but it’s a thing. Most of the time, I go to the physical store to get books for school. I need to look inside the book to see if the previous owner had already annotated the book and if I can work around it or not. If they annotated with highlighters and pen, then I don’t buy the book. If they only annotated the book with pencil, I’ll buy the book and just erase all the annotations before I start it. However, you can’t really tell the quality of the book online, so I tend to shy away from this online store unless I don’t care what quality the book is in.

Image result for book outlet logo

Book Outlet

This is one of my most favorite online stores to get books because they’re normally so cheap and I know the company is reliable. If you want to get a new release from this website, you’re going to have to wait a couple months or even a year before Book Outlet sells them. After all, it is a discount store. If I know this correctly, all the extra copies that are printed but aren’t needed anymore are sent to Book Outlet to be sold, which is why the books on the website are sold at a really cheap price. You can even choose whether or not you want a new copy or a more used copy (if it’s available). Of course, the used copy is cheaper than the new copy, but they’re both super affordable. If you find a super popular book on the website that you want, I would grab it as soon as possible because those kinds of books sell very quickly.

Image result for book depository logo

Book Depository

The main reason I love this website is because it ships internationally for free! If where you live is in the extensive list of countries they ship to, you can get shipping for free. Also, if I wanted a certain version of a book, I could most likely get it from Book Depository without having to pay an obscure amount of money. For example, if I wanted a UK edition of a book rather than the US edition, they I can hop onto the website and probably get the UK edition for the same amount of money I would pay for the US edition here.

Image result for books a million logo


I don’t shop here often but Books-A-Million is basically like a bigger Barnes & Noble.

Image result for thrift books logo

Thrift Books

This website was actually recommended to me by my English teacher. The whole inspiration for this post is this English/US history project I’m doing right now where part of the project we have to read a book about the US historical figure we chose (I chose Bill Nye because BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!) and make a review video about it. I was talking to my teacher about certain books that Bill Nye wrote, and she told me about this online store. I decided to check it out and it’s pretty neat. You can get books for really discounted price, depending on the availability. It’s kind of a combination of Book Outlet and Half Price Books.

Image result for abe books logo

Abe Books

I also heard this from people on the internet. This is more of a store known for their older books and collectibles, but they sell all books.

Image result for alibris logo


Alibris’s website reminds me a lot of Half Price Books. They are pretty much up to date with new books that you can get at a discounted price, but you can choose from who you buy it from. You can even sell your books on the website, if you want.

Image result for powells books logo

Powell’s Books

Powell’s headquarters (the Powell’s City of Books) is one of the largest new and used book stores in the world. They also have a website, but I’ve never bought from them. From looking at the website, it’s like a large scale Half Price Books.


What are some of your favorite online stores you buy books in?

Do you like to buy books in stores or online?

What are some books you want to buy but haven’t yet?


Until next time….


7 thoughts on “Online Book Stores

  1. Lauren @ BAOTB 09/25/2017 / 8:37 am

    Book-a-Million is actually *smaller* than Barnes & Noble. It’s the #2 bookstore, whereas B&N holds the #1 spot. I worked at BAM for 2 years and it was a nightmare. Go to B&N if you’ve gotta go to a physical bookstore. They’re much nicer.

    Also, ThriftBooks is probably my favorite book-shopping site of all time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 09/25/2017 / 1:50 pm

      I didn’t know that. Where I live, the closest BAM is much bigger than B&N. Why was working at BAM so bad? I’ve only been there once a couple years ago so I don’t remember much about the store.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lauren @ BAOTB 09/25/2017 / 8:29 pm

        I meant as in company size. Although the stores round here are mostly equal in size.

        They treat their employees like crap and they have really sleazy business practices.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jessica 09/25/2017 / 8:31 pm

          Oh yeah company wise Barnes & Noble is definitely bigger than BAM.
          That’s sad to hear. Hopefully it’s not like that anymore.


  2. Camilla @ Reader in the Attic 09/25/2017 / 9:47 am

    I use Amazon, usually, mostly because in Italy isn’t easy to find English bookshop, not even in Rome. Amazon is a life saver. I stil need t try out Book Depository, mostly because of free shipping and the fact that’s UK based would represent fast shipping instead of the US. But I absolutely need to try out Book Outlet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica 09/25/2017 / 1:53 pm

      All of the websites are amazing. I’m not sure if Book Outlet ships internationally, but it’s an amazing store.

      Liked by 1 person

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