ACOTAR Inner Circles’ Reactions to Books (told in gifs)

I always wondered what it would be like to have fictional characters come to life. That got me thinking, what would it be like if I became friends with them and took them to my favorite spot, which is of course any place with books. Then, I was wondering what they would do if they got a book in their hands.

I could describe what I’d think their actions would be, but I think .gifs do a better job.

I narrowed my pick of characters to those in ACOTAR because Feyre likes to read books, so at least one person will appreciate a sudden appearance of a book.



Related image

Related image

Feyre would be absolutely thrilled and immediately start reading it (unless she has some duties she needs to take care of first). It might take a while before anyone can convince to set the book down.


Related image

Rhysand already basically owns all the books in the world so… yeah.


Related image

Not saying that Cassian is like Gaston, but more that he doesn’t seem like the type that would read for pleasure. If he did read, it would probably be for research or to better understand a type of fighting or something.


Image result for reading gif

He would start reading a book and realize how amazing it is!


Image result for reading gif

Azriel would probably appreciate no interruptions while he’s reading so he’d read late at night in his room. I’d also think that he’d have a cat or two curled up next to him but I couldn’t find a .gif for that so Benedict Cumberbatch will have to do.


Related image

All Mor would need is a nice cup of hot tea or coffee and a good book, and she’s set.


Related image

If Amren reads, she’s probably reading about magic. Old magic. She’d read books in languages no one even knows anymore.


Until next time….


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