Make an assumption about me

There’s this recent trend on Instagram that I wanted to try out where people ask their followers to make an assumption about them and they tell them whether or not they assumed correctly. It seems like a lot of fun, so here I am…

… asking you (yes you, reader) to make an assumption about me.

It can be about anything. Bookish, non-bookish, if I’m truly the unicorn in my profile picture, etc. Make multiple assumptions if you want to. Go wild.

Image result for typing gif

I will probably make a post with all your assumptions and my answers in the near future.

Thanks in advanced!


Until next time….


8 thoughts on “Make an assumption about me

  1. Thinking Moon 10/04/2018 / 8:02 am

    I assume that you’re pretty and you don’t know it, that you love horror novels and that you are probably more introverted than extroverted. 😀 I love this idea.

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  2. The Lexington Bookie 10/04/2018 / 8:35 am

    I assume that you befriend pets before their designated humans, haha. (You can assume the same about me, because it’s true, lol). BTW, I love this post idea!

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  3. Gianna 10/04/2018 / 12:35 pm

    I assume that your favorite food/dessert is cake, because of your profile picture, and that you wish unicorns existed in real life, because DUH, who wouldn’t want that. I’m also going to assume that you’re a glass half-full kind of person.

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  4. eagerreviewer 10/05/2018 / 10:24 am

    I assume you’d love to have a pet but don’t, also, I _don’t_ know why, but I assume you look like the female lead of a vampire series/movie (pale skin, brunette). 🙂

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  5. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan 10/06/2018 / 1:44 pm

    I am gonna make a not easy assumption that you are obsessed about Benedict Cumberpatch er..Whatever.. that Sherlock guy.

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  6. AshMeraki 01/14/2019 / 8:38 am

    I assume you wear glasses and have wavy dark brown hair. Idk why.

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