(Slightly) More News on ACOTAR #4?!

GUYS. GUYS. I was just on Instagram trying to kill time before class and I saw that Sarah J. Maas just posted something about a new edition of ACOTAR that was coming out with a stunning cover.

But that’s not what got me, though.

It’s the caption. THE CAPTION!

She said that the new edition of ACOTAR will be released before “the next novel in the series- so get ready for Nesta to continue the journey in 2021!


We finally have a little more news about exactly what the spin off series of ACOTAR is going to be! It’s going to follow Nesta, one of the Archeron sisters.

I think it’ll be interesting to see Nesta’s perspective on the whole shebang that went down in the first three books and what adventures the author has for her now. She has a lot of hate in her heart (which hasn’t really changed since the beginning), so I’m curious on what the character development is going to be like with her. Although I didn’t really like her attitude in the trilogy, I think she has a lot of potential to grow and change.

Honestly I’m super excited that the upcoming books aren’t going to be too far off from the Inner Circle. I’m already impatiently waiting for this next book to come out but now I’m even more excited (if that’s even possible)!


Until next time….