Hello, fellow friends!

I need to be very real with you guys and myself: I’m burning out. I’ve been on my way to burn out for a while now. Some might say I’m already burnt out. It’s not because of book blogging, but it’s definitely being affected.

————————————————– ●⚫● ————————————————–

I think the main factor that’s contributing to my burn out is college. Part of the reason why our winter and summer breaks are pretty long is to let students rest and recharge before the next semester. What has happened this past year on top of school hasn’t helped with the state of my mental health. Because of everything, I’ve been having a lot of trouble exercising my creativity and thinking of good ideas of what to blog about. Because of that, I no longer find book blogging enjoyable.

On top of that, I’m starting to stop enjoying reading. I think part of the reason is because all I can think about while I’m reading nowadays is how I’m going to review it after I finish it. Because I’m stressed about that, I forget to enjoy and immerse myself in the story and world.

(TL;DR: I’m burning out because of school and life, and my book-ish life is being impacted because of it.)

What I want to do is to take a step back. I want to take a break from blogging for the rest of 2020. Instead of stressing about what I should write and post, I want to spend that extra time reconnecting myself with the bookish community. One thing I’ve really lost over the years is connecting with other bookworms. I’ve hated the fact that I couldn’t think of anything good to write for this blog, so I avoided the book blog community altogether. I want to rekindle my love for book blogging, and in order to do that I need to take a break to take care of myself first.

So yes, I will no longer be posting for the rest of this year. I will be back to post about my top books of the year probably late December or early January. No, I will not be disappearing from the face of the internet. Instead of creating bookish content, I will be consuming other blogger’s posts instead. Please shout out some of your favorite book bloggers in the comments so I can check them out while I’m on break!

————————————————– ●⚫● ————————————————–

Thank you all for your constant support and sweet comments! My responses to them might be super awkward, but I truly appreciate all the love and support.

I hope to be back with a vengeance near the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021! Until then…

————————————————– ●⚫● ————————————————–

Stay awkward and amazing! ❤

18 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. Cherry Blossom Books 🍒 11/15/2020 / 4:35 am

    Aw, I’m going to miss your posts, but I hope you feel better. Take your time and make sure you are 100% ready to come back when you do. Stay safe 😊💙

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  2. Marta @ the book mermaid 11/15/2020 / 3:44 pm

    I definitely understand what you mean! I’ve been crying myself to sleep for so many weeks now, because I’m exhausted and it’s frustrating trying to make everything work. I love my bookstagram, blog and channel, and they give me motivation, but sometimes it’s just too much having another thing on my endless to do list. They’re not the core of it, so completely deleting them from my daily routine wouldn’t solve the problem, but most times I end up neglecting them )): So, I definitely support your decision to take a step back and focus on yourself!! Take as much time as you need!! If you ever need to talk, I’m here too ❤ ❤ Sending love!!

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    • Jessica 11/17/2020 / 5:45 pm

      I totally know how you feel. Sometimes the things that bring me joy feel like a lot of work, especially the more tired I get. Make sure to take some time off for yourself during the holidays! I’m also here if you need someone to talk to! <3<3<3

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  3. Em @ The Geeky Jock 11/15/2020 / 11:02 pm

    Take care of yourself! 🙂

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    • Jessica 11/17/2020 / 5:21 pm

      Thank you, I will! Make sure to take care of yourself too! ❤

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  4. Kathy Palm 11/21/2020 / 5:44 pm

    It’s been a rough year for sure, even without anything extra which most of us have a lot of extra on top of everything. Good to take care of yourself and do what you can to minimize the inevitable burn out this year will bring!

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    • Jessica 11/24/2020 / 9:54 pm

      Taking this break has been super great so far, and I’m feeling a bit better than before! Make sure to take care of yourself too! ❤ Hopefully 2021 will be a bit better than this year 😅

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  5. Living PF 11/23/2020 / 1:14 pm

    I’ve only just discovered your platform because funny enough I’ve decided to take up reading as a hobby after a season of burnout and continuously working and studying. College can be a real drag and with the year being this crazy i can understand how it affects your passion for book blogging, reviewing and reading. It is always good to take a break, and may i suggest possibly taking on a nee hobby or creative outlet outside writing? That may help when burnt out. I wrote about how to overcome burnout out, if you ever need further encouragement feel free to take a read http://livingpf.com/2020/11/19/effective-ways-to-deal-with-burnout/ i hope it adds value

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    • Jessica 11/24/2020 / 10:00 pm

      I’m glad you found a hobby to break away from work and school! (I’m a bit biased but) reading is a great way to escape reality, even for a little while. I’ve actually started painting during quarantine, and it’s been nice to do something creatively other than read and write. It takes all my concentration to paint, so I stop thinking about all the stressful things that’s been happening.

      I’ll definitely be checking out your post, and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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      • Living PF 11/25/2020 / 7:02 am

        Thanks and most definitely is, I’m finding it therapeutic. Painting is an amazing way to relax, i loved art once upon a time i may get back into it.

        Appreciate that, will keep an eye out for more of your content

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  6. unapologeticallyabooks 12/03/2020 / 4:27 pm

    Hi Jessica! I’m new to your blog but have really enjoyed your posts that I’ve read so far. I just wanted to say that I completely understand how you’re feeling. I graduated this spring and it was such a tumultuous time and I can imagine how stressful this semester must be for you. Something that helped for me when I found myself in a reading slump because of it was to try out some comics and graphic novels (one series I’d recommend is Saga, if you haven’t already read it). Take care of yourself and know I’m always happy to chat (about books or otherwise) 🙂

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    • Jessica 12/04/2020 / 6:51 pm

      Congrats on graduating! It must’ve been strange (to put it lightly) to be finishing school in such a weird time.

      Saga is such a fantastic series! The ending of Volume 9 ripped my heart out just a little 😭

      Hope you’re doing alright, and I’m also here to talk if you ever need me! ❤

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    • Jessica 12/15/2020 / 12:00 pm

      Thank you, I will! Stay safe too! ❤


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