Texas’s winter storm update

Hello! I thought I’d pop in again to update you guys on my family’s situation. The weather is warming up, and the snow is melting (thank goodness). However, the damage caused by this super cold weather still needs to be dealt with, even though it’s not freezing anymore. While my family was very lucky to not get the brunt of the effects, there are still many people out there with no electricity/WiFi/working water. There are a ton of places you can donate to from food banks, mental health centers, mutual aids, to shelters for animals if you are able to chip in a dollar or two (simply look up “Texas winter storm donations” and a lot of articles with lists of places that you can donate to will pop up).

For my family specifically, electricity is up and running, and the WiFi is finally relatively stable. My town is still on boil-water notice, meaning that we need to boil any water that we plan on drinking or consuming. Thankfully, none of the pipes in our house got damaged. We tried to use water only when necessary, but let me just tell you (and this might be a little TMI), finally taking a shower felt so good.

One thing I never thought I’d have to do in my lifetime is insulate my windows with bubble wrap. It looks weird, but it’s sort of effective in keeping the cold out.

So… yeah. My family and I are doing alright, all things considered. Thank you all for the kind words in the last winter storm post. If you’re in Texas right now, I hope you and your loved ones are safe, warm, and healthy!

─────────────────────────── ●⚫● ───────────────────────────

Stay awkward and amazing!

5 thoughts on “Texas’s winter storm update

  1. magicalmaeve 02/22/2021 / 1:16 pm

    I’m glad things are (slowly) getting better!!

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    • Jessica 02/23/2021 / 11:28 pm

      Thank you! I think all of us here are glad things are looking up 😅

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