The Brightest Night by Jennifer L. Armentrout | book review

This (short) review is spoiler-free!

“Never come for me.”
“Never look for me.”
“If you do, I will take everything from you.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Brightest Night

Title: The Brightest Night
Series: Origin, #3
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: October 20, 2020
Publisher: Tor Teen
Category: young adult
Genre: fantasy, aliens, romance
Pages: 512
My Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)
Goodreads page

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Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living an unremarkable life.

Now, she’s on the run, under the protection of the beautiful, deadly inhuman Luc. She’s been betrayed by those who were closest to her. And she’s learned truths about herself that she never saw coming–things she once knew, and was made to forget. Truths with devastating consequences. She’s caught in the eye of the storm.

He is the darkest star.
You are the burning shadow.
And together, you will bring about the brightest night.

[ This synopsis was taken directly from Goodreads. ]

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As much as I love Jennifer L. Armentrout’s work, I wasn’t feeling this book. I feel like the story could’ve been much shorter than 500 pages. That being said, I still enjoyed it. I really like Luc and Evie, and it was cool to see characters from the original series make cameos. Plus, there’s something about JLA’s writing that sucks you in and is easy to fly through.

I like how even though JLA has written 8(?) other books set in the same world, we are still discovering new and exciting aspects of this Lux world. These new developments kept the series interesting. Otherwise, it’d probably feel like a repeat of the Lux series (a.k.a. the original series).

I love how casual the writing and dialogue is in this series. Both Luc and Evie love to joke around (mainly Luc). However, the writing feels a *wee* bit off. The way the characters talk to each others isn’t like how people their age IRL speak. It feels like what an older adult thinks teens/young adults sound like now… which… yeah. Given the fact that JLA is not in her twenties, that’s probably what it is. It’s not bad, though. In fact, I kind of enjoy the way they talk, because it reminds me of how I would riff with my friends in middle school.

A word of warning: I would not read this series (or a lot of JLA’s books in general) if you’re looking for diverse reads. Most of the characters are white and straight. There is one lesbian couple, but they are pretty minor. I still enjoy the plot, the world, and the characters, but I wouldn’t dive in expecting a lot of representation.

Honestly, if you’ve made it this far into the series (meaning you’ve probably read the Lux series too), you’re probably going to like this book. Sure, a lot of it is filler before the finale, but it was nice to revisit old characters and meet new ones.

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I give The Brightest Night by Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.5 stars!

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Stay awkward and amazing!

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