The Tea Dragon series by Kay O’Neill || series review

This review is spoiler-free!

The Tea Dragon Society (1): O'Neill, K.: 9781620104415: BooksThe Tea Dragon Festival (2) (The Tea Dragon Society): O'Neill, K.:  9781620106556: BooksThe Tea Dragon Tapestry (The Tea Dragon Society): O'Neill, K.:  9781620107744: Books

Titles: The Tea Dragon Society, The Tea Dragon Festival, The Tea Dragon Tapestry
Series: Tea Dragon, #1-3
Author & illustrator: Kay O’Neill
Publisher: Oni Press
Category: middle grade
Genre: graphic novel, fantasy, LGBTQIA+
My Rating: ★★★★★
Goodreads page

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Synopsis of Tea Dragon Society

From the award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After comes The Tea Dragon Society, a charming all-ages book that follows the story of Greta, a blacksmith apprentice, and the people she meets as she becomes entwined in the enchanting world of tea dragons.

After discovering a lost tea dragon in the marketplace, Greta learns about the dying art form of tea dragon care-taking from the kind tea shop owners, Hesekiel and Erik. As she befriends them and their shy ward, Minette, Greta sees how the craft enriches their lives—and eventually her own.

[ This synopsis was taken directly from Goodreads. ]

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I was going to individually review each book in this series, but I realized what I had to say about them was pretty much the same for each graphic novel.

What first drew me into this series in the beginning was the artwork. Kay’s art style is so cute and wholesome. It reminds me a little bit of a children’s picture book art but in a graphic novel format.

While I loved the art, what had me coming back to the series again and again was the story and characters. There is such a wealth of diversity within this series that you don’t see very often in books, let alone graphic novels. There are characters who are POCs, part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and part of the deaf community. It was such a great change of pace to read about a community of people who are accepting of everyone.

I also like how the series didn’t make a big deal about the representation it had. There are some books out there where it’s very obvious that an author has a character from an underrepresented community just to get diversity points. I don’t get that feeling from this series. It’s very obvious Kay cares about the communities they write/draw about and that they did a lot of careful research before creating this series.

This series covers a lot of great topics, from friendship and family, to things like grief and community. Also, the tea dragons are absolutely adorable! This is one of those times where a small part of me wishes that they were real. I mean, look at these little buggers! I want to cuddle them all!

tea dragons by Kay O'Neill

Overall, this is such a wholesome, well-written, and well thought out series that I think everyone should read! It is guaranteed to make you smile and feel warm and fuzzy in the heart.


✅ great characters
✅ good diversity and representation
✅ amazing story and artwork

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I give the Tea Dragon series 5 stars!

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Stay awkward and amazing!

4 thoughts on “The Tea Dragon series by Kay O’Neill || series review

  1. Knit One, Spin Too 08/24/2021 / 9:18 am

    I really appreciated this review – I had been struggling with finding a middle grade/graphic novel for a challenge prompt but now I know what I’m going to read. These sound so great!

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