Day 760 – The odds are not in my favor this month

I’ve got to get back to work so this is going to be pretty quick.

This school year has so far been a rough one. From what everyone has told me, this is going to be the toughest year for me, and I see why they said that. My workload has doubled since last year and the classes were much harder than I anticipated. I have many tests to study for this weekend and was already assigned a year-long project.

Because of the overload of homework I receive on a daily basis, my stress levels have been rising as my free time slowly diminished. On top of that, I got sick today. Flu season is running through my school and sadly I was not spared. Let’s just hope I get out of this mess alive and get my life together.

That being said, I may or may not be posting next week. If my schedule is overwhelmed, then I probably won’t be posting next week. If I can manage to find some leeway, then I’ll try and at least write one post. Since school started, I haven’t even been able to touch a book that isn’t a textbook, so we’ll see how likely it is for me to have time to write.

Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely, stress-less week! Treat yourself to some rest because it’s Friday! Or some Disney music… you can never go wrong with Disney music.


Until next time….



Day 730- Two Year Blogiversary

Today, August 16th, 2017, marks the second anniversary of this blog! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two whole years.

It’s kind of crazy that this all started because I was bored one day. Seriously. That’s why I made this blog. Because I was bored. Great story, isn’t it?

I know this is going to sound cheesy, but I’m so very thankful for all the people I’ve met over the book blogging community. It’s nice to be able to share my passions with others who get me. I’ve made some friends over these two years and hope to make many, many more!

Not only did I grow as a book lover because of the community, I grew as a person (I’m still cringing a little bit with all the cheese I’m pouring into this). I’ve learned to break out of my shell and speak up more in conversations. This community has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. And for this, I say thank you!

Thank you all for a great blogging year and I hope to continue to make posts for many more!


Until next time….


Day 615 – Fighting Social Anxiety

I don’t like to eat in the lunch room during school hours because of the sheer amount of people there. I can’t really enjoy my lunch if there’s too many people around me. I guess that’s why I don’t really like crowded restaurants either. Anyway, I like to eat in this one teacher’s classroom (don’t worry, she’s totally fine with me eating there) because there’s fewer people there.

One time, my teacher sat down with me and the other kids who ate in her room to talk to us about being happier students, therefore happier people. It’s her goal this year to teach us ways to be happier persons because of some certain dark events that had happened this school year. She had several units, and this month’s unit was realizing our biggest weakness and working on improving it.

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Day 511- Toenails and Paper-cuts Galore!

So my week is off to a great start. Last night, I split my toenail in half. It sounds a lot grosser than it actually was. I didn’t split my toenail in two pieces. It was more like I was peeling off a layer of toenail. Now I have a very thin layer of toenail protecting my toe. Okay, actually I take that back. That also sounds pretty gross. I apologize if I just upset your stomach.


Thankfully, it didn’t hurt that much. I actually didn’t notice it until I hit my toe on a table leg.

(If you can’t tell by now, I’m super clumsy. Sometimes, I trip over nothing.)

Also, I gave myself a small paper cut on my finger and it STINGS LIKE A MOTHERFLUBBER! How can something so tiny hurt so dang much? Science probably has the answer to that. I bet my nerves are having a party right now.

On top of all that, this week is finals week. Am I having a rough time? A little bit. Just a tad.

I hope you guys are having a much better week than I am!

If you aren’t, here’s a few gifs that might make you happier:

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Until next time….


Day 496- Merry Christmas!

I’m posting this rather late but Merry Christmas everyone! I spent all day with my family eating, talking, playing, and watching Sherlock on Netflix (I finally convinced them to start watching it and they love it!).

As for the presents, I decided not to ask for any books this year because I have over 15 (!) that I own and haven’t read yet. I’m putting myself on a book buying ban until my TBR list gets considerably shorter.

It’s weird how fast this month has gone by. It seems like yesterday it was Thanksgiving and now the year is about to end.  I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. I just hope it won’t be as eventful as this year. I think the world can take the break.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Until next time….


Day 465- Ten Unusual Things I’m Thankful For

Everyone talks about the basic things they’re thankful for around Thanksgiving time. Family, friends, food, privileges, etc. I wanted to talk about ten things that I don’t realize I take for granted until I think about it. These are the things that aren’t the first items I think of when someone asks me what I’m thankful for.

1. Music

Music is a big part of my life. I’ve played several instruments in my childhood, and it’s also what got me through some tough times.

2. Medical Care

As a kid, I was always sick. I’m not sure I would be alive if I didn’t have the easy access to medical care I had.

3. My failures

I learned from my failures, and came out stronger. I’m thankful for my successes, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without my failures either.

4. Paper

Without paper, I wouldn’t be able to write. Without paper, I wouldn’t be able to draw. Without paper, I wouldn’t be able to read as a kid.

5. Holidays

I don’t get to see my relatives and my whole immediate family together often, but the holidays always brings us together.

6. My glasses

I can’t see that far without my glasses. Without them, I probably would struggle in my classes.

7. Chapstick

My lips get chapped all the time.

8. Beds

I love sleeping. I love my bed. I take my bed for granted all the time, but I shouldn’t.

9. Freedom of creativity

This kind of ties in with #10, but I get the freedom of creativity thanks to the internet and thanks to art. My childhood mind can thrive.

10. My blog and the people I’ve met because of it

I don’t know where I would be without this blog. I lived in a world where no one was as passionate about reading and books as I was until I created this blog. It opened up a whole different world, and now I can fangirl about books with others without being judged.

The people I’ve met because of this blog have been nothing but supportive and so freaking nice. I still can’t wrap my head around the sheer size of this book community and all the love and care everyone feels for each other.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Until next time….


Day 451- Leaving Twitter

I know I’m posting this super late compared to my normal posting schedule, but I just wanted to say that I’m leaving Twitter.

I have a couple reasons:

1. I don’t use Twitter

I don’t see a point of keeping something I don’t use. I’ve been pretty inactive on social media, and I don’t plan to start being active any time soon.

2. I don’t have time

Once again, I don’t use social media often. I don’t want to dedicate time to keep up with it when I could be using that time to read and blog.

3. Negativity

There has been so much negativity on Twitter with the recent events to the point I broke down crying today from all the hate. Now, all this hate isn’t directly pointed at me, but it does include me in it. Considering my reaction today, I don’t think being on Twitter would be healthy for me.


Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t reconsider getting a Twitter later in the future. For right now, I want to delete my account. I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile, and my reaction today just gave me a decisive reason why I should.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging. I’m not going to stop blogging unless something drastic happens in my life that forces me to quit.


Stay positive! Until next time….


Day 425: I’m Taking a Small Break

I’m going to take a one/two week break from blogging.

School is always super hectic for me, but next week is going to be a tornado. On top of the fact that next week is midterms, I also have national testing and two more unit tests. Also, a lot of the school clubs I’m a member of are having volunteer opportunities that I need to attend.

In short, I won’t have enough free time to blog, let alone sleep.

Most of the time, during the weekends, I write and schedule all the posts for the week. Because I need to really focus on classes right now, I’m not going to be able to create any posts. I was thinking about only taking one week off, but realistically, I’m going to need about two to recoup and recover from the load of tests I’m about to take.

Hopefully I’ll make it through this next week.


Until next time….


Day 389: Throne of Glass TV Show is Happening!?!

GUYS IT’S HAPPENING! The Throne of Glass TV Show (which is apparently going to be named after the fourth book in the series, Queen of Shadows) is actually going to happen!

To be completely honest, when the news first got out that there was going to be a TV show adaptation of the TOG series (about a year ago), I was a bit skeptical. Sometimes a book’s movie/TV show adaptation doesn’t work out when it’s in creation and is never released. I thought that this would be the case for this (please don’t hate me).

But I was totally wrong! Kira Snyder (who also worked on The 100) will be writing the adaptation. It will be produced by the Mark Gordon Company, which also created shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds.

The queen behind this amazing series, Sarah J. Maas, tweeted about this on Twitter, and if you want to go to the article she tweeted out, click here.

I’m super excited that this series is becoming a TV show, but I’m also a bit scared. I love the series so much that I think that I’ll have too high of expectations when it’s released. Because of the different media, there are some things that producers cannot replicate on screen that happens in the stories. I hope that the storyline doesn’t stray too much from the original, but I’m not sure what to expect.



Day 381: Another Full Revolution Around the Sun

Today marks the day of another full revolution I made around the sun. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It means so much to me. I definitely felt the love (especially from those who kept on spamming me 😂 ).

Per usual, I asked for the next available Sarah J. Maas book (which happens to be Empire of Storms) for my birthday. Every year on my birthday I ask for the next Throne of Glass book, and although this year it’s coming a little after my birthday, I’m happy to wait.


I really should be doing my homework right now but I’m a big procrastinator so… yeah. Hopefully it won’t take that long. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Classes aren’t that bad at the moment, but I’m expecting to become much busier later on during the year.

I haven’t been reading much. I’m still getting used to the change of going back to school, but maybe I’ll have time over the weekend to sneak some reading in.

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of their day!