I need your help: Kindles!

I’m probably going to delete this later, but I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle e-reader for quite some time now. I used to have a tablet that I read all my ebooks on but now that I don’t have it anymore, I was thinking about investing in an e-reader since that was basically all I ever used to tablet for anyways.

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Currently I’m reading all my ebooks on my laptop, which can become a hassle at night because I love to lay down on my bed and read, and holding a laptop above my face is… well… very dangerous. I haven’t dropped my laptop on my face yet, but I don’t want to find out how it feels when a brick of metal hits my nose. Yeah… no thank you.

I only know one person who owns a Kindle (I don’t know too many people in my town who love to read in general) and she said I should invest in an e-reader. However, I wanted more people’s thoughts and opinions before I put down $100 or so for a Kindle.

That being said, I have a question for you:

If you own a Kindle, which model do you own and
do you think it’s worth it? Why or why not?

If you own a different e-reader, which one do
you own and what are your thoughts about it?

Please let me know about your thoughts in the comments because I could really use your help!


Until next time….


Rip It or Ship It – Marvel Edition

Valentine’s Day today, and whether or not you believe in celebrating it, it’s always fun to do a game of rip it or ship it. Recently, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Marvel. I’ve always been a big fan, but they’ve really been killing the game (and their characters… still a bit salty not going to lie) recently. I decided in the spirit of love and romance to rip and ship some of my favorite characters.

I made a numbered list of all the Marvel movie characters I could think of (I have to admit, I can’t remember a lot of the minor characters but I tried my best), and used a random number generator to make a pair to rip or ship. Got it? Okey dokey.

(Author’s note: I was going to put a Loki doki .gif here but my laptop is giving me troubles right now with .gifs so let’s just pretend that it’s here.)

Let’s get started!

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Make an assumption about me

There’s this recent trend on Instagram that I wanted to try out where people ask their followers to make an assumption about them and they tell them whether or not they assumed correctly. It seems like a lot of fun, so here I am…

… asking you (yes you, reader) to make an assumption about me.

It can be about anything. Bookish, non-bookish, if I’m truly the unicorn in my profile picture, etc. Make multiple assumptions if you want to. Go wild.

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I will probably make a post with all your assumptions and my answers in the near future.

Thanks in advanced!


Until next time….



Hey guys. Sorry for the absence lately. I’ve been dealing with my poor physical health (what’s new) and higher-than-normal level of anxiety for the past two months. (I’ve had more panic attacks this month alone than I have the past year.) I swear I’m still here. I’m just focusing on bettering my mental health a bit before I can get back into the swing of things. I will still be posting (hopefully) but it will be more sporadic. Thanks for understanding. ❤

Paranormal Discussion: Zombies Edition

I know this isn’t one of my typical bookish post, but zombies often show up in media so I think this topic will be okay.

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I love to read fictional stories, and that also includes books with paranormal creatures. Just the other night, I was thinking about the movie World War Z and how it was unusual to see zombies move quickly rather than your stereotypical slow zombies. (Author’s note: I have never watched World War Z, but I watched the Everything Wrong With video over it and that’s what got me thinking.) I was working on some essays I needed to write for an application when the question suddenly struck me:

Would you rather face one fast but dumb zombie or a group (let’s say five) of slow but smart zombies in a post-apocalyptic setting?

And so the discussion begins.

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Milestone Q&A!


I’m so sorry for dropping off the face of this earth for about a month!

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I’ve been super sick and super busy, which reduced my body and brain into mush. Now I’m much better and finished most of the things I need to get done. I just have a couple more tests this week and I’ll be free for a while. That being said…


A month ago (yeah… sorry about that), I had a post asking people to ask me questions. Basically, I wanted to do a Q&A in celebration of hitting 1000 followers on this blog.

Let’s get going!

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1000+ Followers – Ask Me Questions!

Alright. Okay. What? Okay. No, I’m not freaking out. You are.

Okay, I’m definitely freaking out. About a month ago I hit the 1000 followers milestone.

To be honest, when I first started I never thought I’d get any followers, let alone 1000. It’s freaky to think that 1000 actual people are genuinely interested in this blog. I know this is super cheesy, but thank you for your support! Yes, you! You don’t even need to be a follower. Someone taking the time out of their day to read my posts alone is enough, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be able to talk about my passion! ❤

It seems like a good time to do a Q&A, and I can’t have that without some questions so I would love for you to ask me as many as you want in the comments (bookish or non-bookish, I’m not picky). I’ll make another post with my answers (hopefully) sometime next week.

Once again, thank you so much for everyone’s support!


Until next time….


Diverting your attention

Recently I watched a Vlogbrother video (go Nerdfighteria!) that the Hank half of the Green brothers made. It’s called Things That You Just Might Love. He talked about how people who have attention and money use that attention and money to gain more attention and money (he explains it better than I do), and how he wanted to divert some of that attention to the things he loves.

And I wanted to do the same.

By no means am I famous or making money off of this blog, but I did want to share some of the things I loved because why not?

Also, I haven’t been posting that frequently on this blog because school (and writer’s block >.< ) are taking up a lot of my time. I wanted to use some of your extra attention and put them to places and things that I love.

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ACOTAR series news update

It was announced a looooong time ago that the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas was going from three books to six books. What they didn’t announce until very recently was that the upcoming book, A Court of Wings and Ruin, will be the last book following Feyre and Rhysand. Sarah J. Maas said that the rest of the series will follow other characters in the same world and *maybe* Feyre and her crew will pop up once in a while. She’s basically making a spin-off series for the last three books.

Who is the rest of the story going to follow? We don’t know yet. Sarah J. Maas refused to reveal any information about it.

I’m assuming this whole spin-off situation will be sort of like the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Starting from The Heir (book 4), the main character switches from America to Eadlyn. The story still takes place in the same world, it just follows different characters half way through.

I have a couple guesses (more like wishes) as to who the last three books are going to follow. I’m hoping it follows either Amren, Feyre’s sisters, or Azriel. Who knows? Maybe the story will follow a set of completely new characters. Whoever the main protagonist is going to be, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the story. Anything written by Sarah J. Maas is gold.

If you want to read the whole article (and an excerpt of ACOWAR), click here.

Sarah J. Maas shares excerpt from ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’

^^ or just copy and paste this link, whatever is easiest for you


How do you feel about this news?

Who do you hope/guess is going to be the new main character?

What do you think about the series in general?


Until next time….