The Medieval Queens Book Tag

Heyo internet land! I’m coming at you with another fun book tag! While I don’t know a lot about European history, it was super cool to learn about a couple queens from the Medieval Period! I was tagged by the lovely folks over at A Couple of Bees Read, and this book tag was originally created by Jess @ Jessticulates. Please give both blogs some love!

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The Women’s History book tag


Happy Women’s History month! I’m back from my impromptu break and feeling much better than before. I was having trouble thinking about what I wanted to post when the lovely Marta @ Of Waves and Pages tagged me to do this fun book tag! Marta’s the sweetest person on earth, so please give her blog and YouTube channel some love!


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
  • Link to the creator’s blog in your post
  • Answer the questions below using only books written by women
  • Feel free to use the same graphics
  • Tag 8 others to take part in the tag
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The Selena Gomez Book Tag

The Selena Gomez Book Tag

Heya, internet world! While I don’t listen to a lot of Selena Gomez’s songs, I know she’s a super popular pop star with a massive following. When I saw that there was a book tag revolving around her songs, I was intrigued. Luckily enough, I was tagged by the lovely folks over at A Couple of Bees Read. Please go check them out and give them some love!

The Rules: 

  • Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Books and Words
  • Answer the prompts.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Just have fun!
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The Sunshine Blogger Award

While I was on break, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Hundreds & Thousands of Books! Thank you for nominating me, and sorry it took me so long to get to it. 😓

the rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. Do this in your blog post and include a link to their site.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the nominator asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award. Write 11 new questions for them. Notify them by commenting on one of their posts.
  • Within your blog post, include these rules and the Sunshine Blogger Award logo.
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Festive Christmas Book Tag

Festive Christmas Book Tag

The lovely folks over at A Couple of Bees Read tagged me, and I couldn’t have been more excited! What better way to celebrate the holidays (even though I’m late lol) with a fun and festive book tag!

This tag was originally created by ReadingGirl on Youtube!

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The Folklore Book Tag

The Folklore Book Tag

Wow, I feel like I haven’t done a book tag in a while! I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift (I’m pretty indifferent about her music), but I can’t deny that her latest album has been really popular! I saw so many of my friends lose their minds on social media when it was first released.

Even though I don’t know much about her newest album, I still wanted to do this tag! Thank you to lovely Marta @ The Book Mermaid for tagging me!

The Rules

  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people. 
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link to their post.
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Finally Fall Book Tag

Finally Fall Book Tag

I don’t know about you, but I freaking love the fall. Maybe it’s because where I live it’s either scorching hot or freezing cold with no in between. Maybe it’s because I’m constantly sweaty (ew, I know) and can’t handle the heat despite being born and raised in the southern part of the US. Maybe it’s because I can finally bust out my comfy sweaters and walk outside without freezing my buttocks off. TL;DR: I like fall because I can go outside and actually enjoy the weather for once. Fall for us lasts maybe one week. Two, if we’re lucky.

So yeah… when I saw this “finally fall” book tag, I knew this was the thing for me. On top of that, I was tagged by the lovely Norees @ No Reads Too Great! Thanks for tagging me!

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The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag | The Awkward Book Blogger


Six months of 2020 have officially passed, and my, were they a very eventful six months (to put it nicely)! Now that we are officially in the second half of the year, I thought it would be a great time to recap the books I read in the past half year. Rather than going on and on about each and every book that I read, I thought this mid-year book freak out tag does a good job of asking the essential bookish questions.

Let’s just dive right into the questions!

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Summer Bucket List Book Tag | The Awkward Book Blogger

June is finally here, which means summer has started! That means no classes, endless sweat, and the feeling that the Sun is trying to fry you alive. (Can you tell that I don’t really like the summer heat?)

Beach GIF | Gfycat

I thought it would be a fun idea to do this tag as a way of celebrating the start of summer. However, to make this tag a little more challenging, I’m only going to use the books that I’ve read so far in 2020 to answer the prompts.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the original creator in your post.
  • Feel free to use any of the tag graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

All of the graphics in this post are made by Tiffany.

Let’s jump right in!

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Book Tag


I was perusing the internet, looking for something to write about, when I saw that Marta @ The Book Mermaid had done an Animal Crossing tag. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing. While I don’t have a Nintendo Switch to play the New Horizons game that was released (sort of) recently, I do play the app version called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game is very mundane, but that’s what I love about it. There are little to no expectations regarding what you should do. You get to take everything at your own pace.

This tag was created by Enne @ Our Worlds of Words. Please go check them and this amazing tag out! ❤

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