Stranger Things Book Tag

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I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I wanted to write something in the spirit of the 4th of July (a.k.a. America’s Independence Day). I asked myself, what’s going to happen on this day? Probably cook outs, hanging out with family and friends, fireworks, and STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3, BABYYYYYYYY!

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Let me tell you, I have been waiting for this season to come out for too long. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and now I can finally do it! My family doesn’t really celebrate the 4th of July other than going to watch the fireworks in the evening, so you bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be spending the whole day binging the whole season.

Anyhow, in the spirit of 4th of July and the next season of Stranger Things coming out, I’m doing the Stranger Things book tag.

I got the graphics for this tag from Flavia the Bibliophile. (The creator of this tag is Nisha @ A Running Commentary but all the links I clicked send me to this page saying it doesn’t exist. I think she either deleted her blog or changed the name….)

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The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

THE END IS NIGH! Well… the end of the first half of the year has come. What better way to celebrate surviving six months of the eventful year we call 2019 than with a mid-year book freak out tag?

Ever since classes ended and summer has started, I’ve been trying to catch up with some reading. I’ve definitely read a lot more for fun this month than I have in the past. Most of the books I’ve read so far were for English class. We read A TON. Some were amazing. Some… not so much.

I was tagged by Norees from No Reads Too Great. Thank you so much for tagging me! I was having trouble thinking of what I wanted to write so this saved my day!

It should also be noted that I took the route than Norees did and answered only five of the many, many questions in this tag. If you want to do the full tag, I listed all the questions at the bottom of this post.

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Bookish 2 Truths & 1 Lie

This post is going to be short and sweet.

Two truths and a lie is basically a game where you tell the players three facts about yourself. Two of the facts are the truth, and one is a lie. The players then have to guess which one is the lie, except in this post, we’re narrowing down the fact pool. This time… it has to be BOOK THEMED.

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(cue dramatic music)

Thank you Marta @ The Book Mermaid for tagging me!

The Rules!

  • Create a post with your two bookish truths and one bookish lie – but be sure to keep it a secret so your readers can guess
  • Reveal the lie in a spoiler at the bottom of your post. You can use this HTML code:
Reveal the Lie


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The Marvel Avengers Book Tag

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Endgame is right around the corner. It comes out this weekend! I’m not going to see it when it comes out (because the tickets are all sold out near where I live), but I plan to get a ticket really soon. I’m probably going to have to avoid the internet until I watch the movie to avoid spoilers.

Anyways, I thought a good way to celebrate my inner fangirl’s impending doom is to do a tag celebrating the heroes that started it all.

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The Game of Thrones Book Tag

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably noticed the buzz about the Game of Thrones season finale coming out. THAT DAY HAS OFFICIALLY COME, MY FRIENDS. (Well, it was a couple days ago, but that’s beside the point.)

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I’ll be completely honest with you: I haven’t gotten around to watching Season 7.
*le gasp*
Yes… I know… shame on me. I was waiting to watch it closer to when Season 8 was going to be released but it slipped my mind. Hey, at least that means I get two seasons worth of new content for this series! Anyway, I digress.

I decided to do this book tag in order to celebrate the last season of GoT. I’m not ready. No one is ready. Let’s do this.

This tag was created by Biblio Nyan.

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The This or That Challenge

Happy Thursday everyone! I was going to write a review for a book I finished last month, but I realized that I don’t have enough brain power to analyze what I liked and disliked about said book. That’s why for today I’m just going to do a challenge. Easy peasy.

I learned a lot about Norees through this challenge, one thing being that she thinks Marvel is better than DC (which I wholeheartedly agree).

I was tagged by the lovely Norees @ No Reads Too Great. Here are the rules:

Tag the creators @bookprincessreviews
Share one thing you learned about the person who tagged you
Pick either THIS or THAT for each prompt
Tag at least two other bloggers you want to get to know better

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Captain Marvel Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

In case you’ve been living in an alternate dimension, you probably are aware that the Captain Marvel movie has been released. I watched it the second day it was out, and let me tell you, it hasn’t left my brain yet. I’m still on a high from that movie. It really gives all the other movies a run for their money because it’s a dang good origin story. I’m an easy to please gal, but even I could tell that Captain Marvel was something special.

That being said, I decided to express my love for this movie by doing a book tag. I searched the internet and haven’t found anyone who has already made this, so I decided to make my own. If you want to try this tag out, by all means, go for it! I kept this tag spoiler-free, so you can do this even if you haven’t watched the movie!


– Thank the person who tagged you.
– Make sure to tag the creator (The Awkward Book Blogger) so she can see your responses!
– Tag at least three people.
– Have fun!

Feel free to use the graphic at the top of this post!

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Do I Have That Book Challenge

I was just scrolling through my YouTube feed to find a video so I had an excuse to procrastinate, when I came across this book challenge. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched a BookTube video, so I was intrigued. After watching Keeping Tabs (the creator) take a stab at her own challenge, I wanted to give it a shot!

Image result for lets do it gif

Click here for the original creator of this challenge!

Granted, I recently got rid of 60+ books from my shelf so this might be a bit more difficult.

Oh well.

The general rules I got from her instructions were this:

1. Time yourself trying to find each prompt on your shelf
2. Try and beat the time of the person who challenged you.
3. Don’t forget to tag your challenger and the original creator.
4. Have fun!

I decided that rather than time myself and cause my stress levels to go off the charts, I would just try and find each prompt on my shelf. Each prompt that I find a book for will count as a point. The max amount of points is 20 (since there’s 20 prompts). Plus, me just telling the time it took me to find all these books would not be that exciting.

It occurs to me now that this challenge is probably more enjoyable in video form, but alas, I am not a BookTuber. I apologize in advanced.

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Halloween Book Tag!

It’s the middle of October now and that means Halloween is just around the corner! Everyone and everything is getting ready for Halloween!

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To be honest, I’m a complete chicken when it comes to scary/creepy things but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the festivities that come with the holiday. What better way to celebrate the spooky spirit than with a book tag?

This tag was created by Naomi The Book Lover over on YouTube. I wasn’t tagged by anyone per say but no one needs to know that 😉

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