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This page (and its subpages) consists of all the book reviews that I’ve done so far. There are two different subpages where I organized the reviews. The first one called “by author” is sorted alphabetically by author’s last name. If you want to see my reviews based on what I rated them, go to the “by rating” subpage. On this parent page, I have my rating system in case you were interested in how I rate books.

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Rating System

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Star art drawn by yours truly! (1/2 stars are also given.)

1 star rating1 / 5 – I didn’t enjoy this book at all.

2 stars rating2 / 5 – I didn’t enjoy this.

3 stars rating3 / 5 – This was an average book.

4 stars rating4 / 5 – This was really good!

5 stars rating5 / 5 – I died because of the sheer amazing-ness of this book!