2016 End of Year Book Survey

Holy cheese balls this survey took me a long time to finish. It was fun, though.

I didn’t know this was a thing until I saw it explode all over the blogosphere lately. I looked into it and it seemed interesting that I wanted to give it a go. This survey was created by Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner.

Because there were so many great books that I read in 2016, I’m going to try and not repeat the same book for each answer. There will be a couple repeats, though (a.k.a. you’re going to see me fangirling over Six of Crows a lot).

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My 2017 Blog Goals

I’ve made it my mission to set some goals for my blog every year. It’s kind of like that saying “there is always room for improvement”. I know my blog isn’t perfect, and I believe that there is always something that I can improve on it. Every year I set goals to (hopefully) make some improvements in hopes to make my blog better than it was the year before. 

I have three goals for my blog next year.

1. Stop rambling!

I tend to ramble on my posts. I also tend to repeat a lot of the things I’ve already said before. I need to stop doing that.

2. Quality over quantity.

I try to post once every two days, and sometimes that goal reduces the quality of what I write. I need to focus more on what I’m writing rather than how much I’m writing. This might mean less frequent posting, however.

3. Keep the blog true to myself.

I started this blog because I wanted to talk about one my of biggest passions: books. I made this blog for myself, and so I want to keep it true to myself. I don’t want to act like someone else. This blog is me, therefore it should portray who I am, imperfections and all.

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2017 will be better than 2016.



How was your 2016?

What are some of your goals for 2017?

Are there any books that are being released in 2017 that you’re excited for?


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Top 10 Books of 2016

Is it just me or did this year go by really quickly? I didn’t get much reading in compared to last year, but it still was a good reading year. I read a lot of books that I enjoyed and found some new favorites. I can’t say that I adventured far away from the fantasy genre, however. I still need to work on expanding my horizons. Only two out of the top ten books of 2016 are not fantasy/sci-fi. I read a bit more than just two non-fantasy novels this year, but my list clearly shows that I read mainly fantasy. Who’s surprised? No one? Yeah, me neither.


Hopefully I’ll find more books to read next year that aren’t fantasy, but old habits die hard.

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2016 Book Bucket List: How did I do?


Towards the beginning of this year, I made a list of books that I wanted to get to this year (check out that post here). Half-way through the year in June I was looking back at my old posts to try and get some inspiration on what to write next. I made an update on how I was doing on my book bucket list and changed out a couple books because my interests had changed (check out that post here). Now, this is a post about how I actually did. Did I read a lot of books this year? Compared to last year, no. However, I had less time to read this year than I had last year. Instead of reading books I set myself to read, I just read books I felt like reading. I think that’s how I avoided a lot of reading slumps this year.

TL;DR – I didn’t do so great. Out of the thirteen books on the list, I only read eight.

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Day 496- Merry Christmas!

I’m posting this rather late but Merry Christmas everyone! I spent all day with my family eating, talking, playing, and watching Sherlock on Netflix (I finally convinced them to start watching it and they love it!).

As for the presents, I decided not to ask for any books this year because I have over 15 (!) that I own and haven’t read yet. I’m putting myself on a book buying ban until my TBR list gets considerably shorter.

It’s weird how fast this month has gone by. It seems like yesterday it was Thanksgiving and now the year is about to end.  I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. I just hope it won’t be as eventful as this year. I think the world can take the break.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Until next time….


My 2016 Book Bucket List [update]


It’s the start of the sixth month of the year, which means we’re at the half-way point. I looked back at what my book bucket list was at the beginning of the year and saw that there were some books that I just don’t want to read anymore. Also, I finished some of the books on the list, and want to cross those off.

If you want to go check out my book bucket list from the beginning of the year, click here.

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