Diverting your attention

Recently I watched a Vlogbrother video (go Nerdfighteria!) that the Hank half of the Green brothers made. It’s called Things That You Just Might Love. He talked about how people who have attention and money use that attention and money to gain more attention and money (he explains it better than I do), and how he wanted to divert some of that attention to the things he loves.

And I wanted to do the same.

By no means am I famous or making money off of this blog, but I did want to share some of the things I loved because why not?

Also, I haven’t been posting that frequently on this blog because school (and writer’s block >.< ) are taking up a lot of my time. I wanted to use some of your extra attention and put them to places and things that I love.

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The North Texas Teen Book Festival was Overwhelming but Fun #nttbf17

So, I went to the North Texas Teen Book Festival for the first time Saturday and I have to admit, it was pretty exciting. The only other book festival I went to before was the Texas Teen Book Festival and that didn’t hold a spark compared to this one. I thought that the NTTBF was going to be a bit smaller in scale because it only covered a small portion of Texas, but surprisingly the turnout was big. The convention center that it took place in was PACKED. I had never seen so many people in one place just for books.


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Top 10 Books of 2016

Is it just me or did this year go by really quickly? I didn’t get much reading in compared to last year, but it still was a good reading year. I read a lot of books that I enjoyed and found some new favorites. I can’t say that I adventured far away from the fantasy genre, however. I still need to work on expanding my horizons. Only two out of the top ten books of 2016 are not fantasy/sci-fi. I read a bit more than just two non-fantasy novels this year, but my list clearly shows that I read mainly fantasy. Who’s surprised? No one? Yeah, me neither.


Hopefully I’ll find more books to read next year that aren’t fantasy, but old habits die hard.

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Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5) by Sarah J. Maas | Book Review


imageTitle: Empire of Storms
Series: Throne of Glass, #5
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: 9/06/16
Edition: hardcover
Pages: 693
My Rating: 5 / 5
Goodreads page

WARNING: There are spoilers in this review. 

I wrote a spoiler-free section, but there are spoilers of the past Throne of Glass books in it. I also wrote a spoiler-filled section for those who want to fangirl with me. Please keep the comment section spoiler-free for our friends who aren’t up-to-date with the series yet. Thanks! ❤

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7 Different Types of Characters in YA Fantasy Novels

I’m trying something a little bit different today.

I’m basing this post off of iiSuperwomanii’s video style. She always makes videos of different types of [insert noun here]. I wanted to do a post like that, but making it into something bookish related. That being said…

This post isn’t meant to offend any authors or aspiring writers.

Even as I make fun of some the characters, I still love them all and will continue to read books with these types of characters in them.

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Reading Too Many Books???

I have had a habit of reading several books at once. I know I’m not the only one out there, but I think I’m more on the extreme side.

I heard it was a bad thing to read several books at once because you can’t focus enough on one book.

But that’s the thing, I have to read at least three books at once to be able to concentrate on one. Is that strange? Am I an alien or something? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

I can’t just read ONE book. It drives me nuts!

And also, I still remember what’s happeneing in a book that I haven’t picked up in about half a year that I’m “currently reading”. Don’t worry, I’m reading it…. well… more like it’s on hold, but technically, I’m still reading it, right?

I’ve tried to read one book at a time but I was unable to without feeling extremely uncomfortable. It’s kind of like when I’m bored, I get this panicky feeling inside of me. I can’t NOT be doing anything, or else I’ll drive myself out of sanity.

So yeah. I don’t know why, but reading several stories at once helps me focus more.

Don’t question it.

I know what you’re thinking.

You are one, strange people on the internet….

I know I’m weird, thank you very much. But hopefully in a good way.

Bookstore Stress, Am I Right?

Bookstores. Oh, don’t we all love them. I would prance around a bookstore and laugh like a maniac if that was socially acceptable.

In bookstores, there are so many books and options. Which one do I choose? I always stress over this because 1) I only have a certain amount of money I’m willing to spend in that store and 2) I WANT ALL THE BOOKS!


Whenever my friend and I go to our usual hangout place (Barnes and Noble), we get an obscure amount of stress when we find a couple books we really want to read. We would literally sit down and list the pros and cons of each book before deciding which one to get. And then, when we go back to put the other books up, we find more books that we want and the whole process starts over again.

Is that unnatural? Am I the only one? I don’t know….

I’ve been thinking about this… thing… for quite some time now. If you didn’t know, new books are always released on Tuesdays (why? I have no clue). Most bookstores put the new releases on sale the Sunday before, so I was planning to go get Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas tomorrow. Unfortunately, I read in one of her posts on Goodreads that QOS has a strict release date of September 1st. So now I have to wait another couple days. *sigh* The struggle is completely real, amiright?

This portion of the post killed my smile today.

My mom agreed this morning to take me to B&N tomorrow to get QOS as an early birthday present. Now I have to explain to her that the book I want isn’t going to be released in bookstores until Tuesday (my actual birthday) and why she should drive me there right after school to go get it. I don’t think she’ll be pleased, but I hope she agrees.

I might just go to B&N tomorrow to see if my local bookstore is a rebel and releases it early… I dunno. I kinda hope they do.

You see, why do bookstores release books early, anyway? In some ways, I’m not complaining, but at the same time, whenever things like the author puts a strict release date, it slowly strangles me that I have to wait a couple more days. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE QUEEN OF SHADOWS OUT OF ALL BOOKS!?! I even crammed all my homework yesterday and today just so I would have time to read QOS tomorrow.

^^What I wanted to do with my textbooks when I realized I did all that homework early for nothing.

I think I have a problem with waiting. I’m a pretty impatient person when it comes to books. Or basically anything.

So yeah. For those of you who were planning to get QOS early like me, you’ve been outsmarted. Like me. Huzzah. Time to wait for another couple days.