popular series I stopped reading

Looking at my reading tastes, I tend to read books that are massively popular. I usually don’t have a lot of time to read, so when I pick something up, I want to know that I’ll love it. That being said, there are a few series that many people love that I quit mid-way. There are a few different reasons why I stopped reading these series, and I thought I’d talk about them here.

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Day 64- Midterms This Week… At Least I Have My Books to Keep Me Company While I Cry

I have no clue who the heck made midterms a thing, but if I ever meet this dude, I need to slap some sense into him.

Also, I obviously think it’s super funny that all my teachers decided to cram their tests and quizzes the day before midterms starts.

I’m going to have a fantastic time this week.

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Did Not Finish 

For a long time, I always thought it was a bad thing to not finish a book. Nowadays, my view has changed.

What’s the point in forcing yourself to read a book that you don’t enjoy (unless it’s for school, then I have nothing to tell you, buddy)? There are so many good stories out there just waiting to be enjoyed, and you’re forcing yourself to spend time on one that you don’t.

It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

I don’t have a really big list of DNFs (did-not-finish), but I’ve come to realize recently that I should stop wasting my time.

On multiple occasions, I would force myself to read a story, no matter how bad. It’s kind of like an all-or-nothing way of thinking. It’s either don’t start the book at all, or finish to the end.

One reason that I didn’t like not finishing a book is that I can’t leave a story hanging. I must know how it ends. Again, no matter how bad. But now, if I don’t care for the characters and what is happening, who cares if they all die in the end? Screw them, I’m going to hang out with Celeana Sardothian and Dumbledore’s Army.

Dumbledore’s Army

Sometimes, I would have forced myself to finish a book because I spent money on the physical copy and I couldn’t return it because the 2-week timespan since I got the book has passed. If you don’t like a book, give it someone who might enjoy it. Or donate to the library. Or sell it online on Amazon or Ebay. Or sell it in a discount store. Or use it as a fireplace starter (not that I support book-burning). Actually, don’t do that. That’s probably not safe.

Give the book a new home where it might be loved.

Anyway, if you’re still against DNFs, that’s totally okay. Just remember, there are other books out there calling your name.