Day 51- The Sudden Realization…

…when I remembered that the first book of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard is coming out tomorrow and I forgot to preorder it.

Oh brother.

What am I to do? At this point, I think it’s kind of late. Oh well.

Not only is Rick Riordan’s new series coming out tomorrow, but so are a whole bunch of other books that I have forgotten to preorder.

Like Carry On by Rainbow Rowell…

…and The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

And don’t forget about this beauty.

I’m not on top of things right now. So much to read, not enough time!!

Also, update on my reading! If you haven’t noticed (which it’s okay if you haven’t), I have been reading the same books for quite some time now. The reason is that all I want to read right now is Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas, but I’m not allowing myself to read it too quickly. I’m trying to span out the story so the wait for the next book in the series won’t seem as long.

Which is why I don’t already have a review over this wonderful, beautiful book.

I haven’t touched the book in over two weeks because I know that if I do, I won’t stop reading it.

But when I do finish it, expect a weird review full of gibberish and fangirling.

As for the other books I’m reading… yeah. I can’t bring myself to read them at the moment. Don’t ask why. I might be in a reading slump, but I’m not 117% sure.