20 Books of Summer: How Did I Do?

Back in June, I decided to take part in the “20 Books of Summer” reading challenge by Cathy @ 746 books. What I liked about this challenge is that it’s super flexible and can cater to any type of reader. You can change your TBR in the middle of the challenge, and you can change the number of books you want to read. I ended up going with 10 books, but in the middle of the challenge I decided to change the books I wanted to read.

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20 Books of Summer – let’s do this!

As a mood reader, I don’t participate in reading challenges or create TBRs. However, my goal this year is to get my physical TBR down to zero, and I’m already falling behind. When I saw that Caro @ CJR The Brit was doing this challenge, I decided to join as well to get myself back on track! This challenge was originally created by Cathy @ 746 Books.

The challenge is to read 20 books between June 1 (today!) and September 1. What drew me to this is that the rules are pretty lax. You don’t want to read 20 books? 10 books is fine, too! You want to switch out a title in your TBR? Sure, you can do that as well! You can really cater this to your wants/needs, and it seems like the sort of thing that can ease you into the reading challenge realm before getting to the hardcore stuff.

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