March 2020 Wrap-Up | The Awkward Book Blogger


Hello, earthlings! I don’t normally do monthly wrap-ups (because I don’t do enough bookish stuff in a month to make a remotely interesting post about it), but for some odd reason the bookish gods were on my side and I got quite a bit done. I even had time to make a spicy new banner for my wrap-ups! I’m very happy with how it turned out. I guess it did help that I was on spring break for twice as long as expected with the whole social distancing and quarantine thing that’s happening right now. More on that later, though.

For now, let’s take a gander at the review of March.

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April Wrap-Up and Planned Hiatus

GUYS! I just realized something very, very embarrassing. I was typing up this post when I realized that I don’t quite remember what I normally put in my monthly wrap-ups. I decided to do some hunting and found the last wrap-up I’ve done, and it happened to be in September of 2018. S E P T E M B E R.

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… ANYWAYS, I’m finally doing another wrap-up after six months have passed. Huzzah. (please don’t hate me)

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September 2018 Wrap-Up

I’ll admit it. This past couple months I’ve been slacking on posts. It’s to the point that I’ve forgotten to do a wrap-up for… I don’t even know how many months I skipped. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I did a wrap up. It’s been that long.

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This month, I decided I really needed to step up my post game and made a goal to post at least once a week. Because of that, I actually have enough posts to do a wrap up!

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January 2018 Wrap-Up | What’s New?

The first month of 2018 is at it’s end and boy, am I glad it’s over. Let’s just say I had a rough start of the new year. I had to take finals, then went through the grueling process of trying to change one of my classes for the new semester. This semester I’m taking most of my hard classes so I’m struggling to keep up with everything.

All that being said, I haven’t had the time to read… (which is nothing new at this point).

Let’s just say I need a fresh start and I’m glad February is right around the corner.

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December 2017 Wrap-Up | The Last Wrap Up of the Year!

Wow, what a year 2017 has been! It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs.

Reading-wise, December was an okay month. Thanks to the little break I have, I’ve had more time to catch up on my reading. However, I spent most of the time just sleeping (because who doesn’t like sleep?).

It’s weird to think that this is the last day of the year…

I hope everyone’s 2017 was fantastic and here’s to an even better year! ❤

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November 2017 Wrap-Up | Goodbye Thanksgiving, hello Christmas season!

Thanks to fall break, I was finally able to rest and catch up on some reading. And by catch up, I mean start reading one book. I don’t think I will ever be able to catch up on all the reading I want to do. But, I mean, what’s new?

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Blogging wise, I think I did okay towards the end of this month. Because I had a week off from school, I had a lot more time on my hands. I decided (and I’m not sure why I decided this in the spur of the moment) to try and publish a post everyday that week Monday through Friday. Miraculously, I achieved it. However, with the quantity of my posts increasing, my spelling and grammar quality definitely decreased, and I apologize for that.

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October 2017 Wrap-Up | I suck at time management

Look what’s new. I didn’t read a lot of books this month. I feel like every time school starts I stop reading books because I don’t have enough time. I’m sure if I stopped procrastinating on all my assignments I would be able to find some time to read but I don’t. I have no excuses. I need to be better with managing my time more wisely.

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September 2017 Wrap-Up | I didn’t do much

To be completely honest, I totally forgot to do a monthly wrap up and now I’m quickly trying to type this out before it get’s too late. I blame it on the schoolwork. The amount of homework my teachers have given me this weekend is so overwhelming, so I’ve been doing nothing but working these past couple days.

Hopefully next week will be better, but we’ll see about that.

Homework aside, I think I had an okay blogging month. I didn’t do anything super drastic but I wasn’t able to read any books. Actually, I was able to read during September but I haven’t finished anything that I’ve started.

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August 2017 Wrap-Up | School time is here

The month of August went by way to quickly. I feel like summer just started yesterday and now I’m going back to school.

I’m a little bit overwhelmed with the workload (as I have never taken this many advanced classes at once), but I feel like after a couple weeks or so I’ll find a good routine.

For now, I’m going to take Lilly Singh’s advice and just HUSTLE!

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July 2017 Wrap-up | Summer time = free time

July has been a pretty lowkey month for me, thankfully. I finally had more time to read the books I wanted to rather than read old English that I had to pretend to understand (although I’m sure my English teachers weren’t fooled).

I might not have posted a lot this month (with a whopping total of five posts not including this one) but then I looked back on the past couple months and the amount of posts I make have continually decreased. Now it hovers between 4-6 posts a month. I would say that I plan to post a lot more often but I know I won’t be able to when the new school year comes around.

Minus the fact that I didn’t post as frequently as I would like, I definitely read a lot more than I usually do, which feels GREAT. I can’t believe I was depriving myself of this.

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