About Me

Hi heya hello! My name is Jessica (she/her), also known as The Awkward Book Blogger here on the interweb. I’m a 20-something year old who loves reading books, looking at books, and talking about books. I grew up without a TV when I was a wee child, so reading was the only form of entertainment I had when I was younger. Plus, nothing beats reading a good book while bundled up in your blanket in bed when it’s raining outside.

Here on The Awkward Book Blogger, I mainly review YA novels, but I also dabble in adult and middle grade books. Less often, I post bookish content like book tags and recommendations. I want to start writing more discussion posts talking about anything and everything related to books and the bookish community. One thing I love about being a book blogger is that I can connect with people who also love to read through the power of the internet. I think discussion posts could be another way to meet new friends and connect with old ones.

Outside of this blog, I am a college student who is working on getting her bachelor’s degree in psychology. (Where are my psych majors at? WHOOP WHOOP!) When I’m not reading, I love to draw and paint (the drawing you saw at the top of this page was my attempt at a self portrait in the Studio Ghibli style… whether or not I succeeded is questionable). Every once in a while I like to channel my inner grandma and start a crochet/knit project.

Other than that, I’m your average human bean (yes, I say bean instead of being… please don’t judge) who is socially awkward and introverted. Legend has it that if you stick around long enough, a wild Awkward Book Blogger will emerge from her book cave (a.k.a. her room, a.k.a. her natural habitat) once a week to say hello before quickly scuttling back into the darkness.

All jokes aside, I do truly hope you enjoy the content I post on this blog. If you have any questions or comments, you can either leave them down below or check out the contact page for info on how to reach me.

Thanks for dropping by, and stay awkward! ❤

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