Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell | Extended Summary


I have a problem. I don’t have enough time to really sit through and read a book. I might have time once a week or two weeks to read, and that means I forget a lot that has happened in the story. To combat this, I decided to summarize every chapter of the book I’m reading, and share it with you guys too! This way, if I do forget what I’ve read, I can look back on my notes. Also, it ensures that I’m actually paying attention to what I’m reading. If the book is in a series and the next book hasn’t come out yet, I can look back on these posts to refresh my memory on what happened so I don’t have to reread the whole series again. And you guys can look back on these posts to refresh your memory too! Everyone wins.

Anyway, I thought I’d try this new idea with a shorter book, a.k.a. a graphic novel to see if it’s a sustainable idea. I don’t tend to buy graphic novels since they’re so expensive, but I decided to splurge and buy Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell since she was visiting where I live and I already own most of her YA books.

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Before we jump into this, just keep in mind that this idea is a work in progress so the next few posts in this series will look rough before they get better!

Also, SPOILER WARNING, obviously.

Also also, this extended summary thing is NOT my review. That will be a separate post.


Chapter 1: Last Night at the Patch

  • It’s the last night working at the pumpkin patch for Josiah and Deja
  • Josiah is a loyal worker who loves the pumpkin patch
    • He has been the MVPPP (most valuable pumpkin patch person) most months since he’s been working there
  • Josiah and Deja (who I will now be referring to as J and D, respectively) are partners who work at the succotash station
  • J has a crush on a girl who works at the Fudge Shop, and D made it her mission to get J to talk to “The Fudge Girl”
    • D manages to convince the people at the Pie Palace (which is across from the Fudge Shoppe) to switch roles with them so during dinner-time J could ask The Fudge Girl out

Chapter 2: Panic at the Pie Palace

  • We learn The Fudge Girl = Marcy
  • D and J talk about how J is going to talk to Marcy

Chapter 3: Next Stoppe: Fudge Shoppe

  • During his break, J goes down to the Fudge Shoppe only to find out that Marcy is helping out at the S’mores Pitt

Chapter 4: Ex Marks the Spot

  • On their way to the S’mores Pitt while grabbing a candy apple, D bumps into an ex, Jess (*sigh*).

Chapter 5: Stop, Thief!

  • D’s candy apple was stolen

Chapter 6: S’more Problems

  • D and J make it to the S’mores Pitt and Dave (a worker at that station) tells J that Marcy actually was working at the Kettle Corn Kettle
  • Dave also tells the pair about how Buck, a ram, was let out of the petting zoo
  • A kid makes fun of D’s weight and J defends D

Chapter 7: Deja Vu

  • At the S’mores Pitt while making s’mores, D and J reminisce about the first time they met and worked together
  • J resolves to find Marcy and is finally on board with D’s plan

Chapter 8: PSL (Pumpkin Spice Life)

  • While on their way to the Kettle Corn Kettle, J is bittersweet about missing the pumpkin patch and the autumn feeling of it all
  • Buck the ram is terrorizing people by chasing them

Chapter 9: Cool, Cool, Cool

  • At the Kettle Corn Kettle, D and J realize they were at the wrong location (there were two stands)
  • While heading to the second location, D comes across another ex, also named Jess (male) and they have an awkward conversation
  • D tells J that every year she asked to work with J, and that she wasn’t just stuck with him

Chapter 10: Succotash-trophe

  • The boys at the Succotash station is hard at work (and not doing a great job of it according to J)
  • The boys want D and J to take back their jobs but they decide to continue on their journey
  • “True love trumps lima beans!”

Chapter 11: Make Like a Tree and Leaf

  • Buck the ram is still chasing after people but the staff are now trying to catch him

Chapter 12: Tour de Pumpkin

  • D and J go through the Tour de Pumpkin (go-cart track) to take a short cut to Kettle Corn Kettle
  • D tries to get revenge on the kid who stole her candy apple but couldn’t
  • The duo stops to get a Freeto Pie

Chapter 13: Cheesy Come, Cheesy Go

  • D and J help a lost girl find her mother

Chapter 14: Maized and Confused

  • By the corn maze, the two come across Tim (one of Deja’s ex)
    • It is clear that D still likes him but J doesn’t
  • They’re about to take the employee shortcut through the maze when D finds the candy apple thief and chases him through the maze
  • They lose the kid and get lost in the maze
  • D and J talk about being friends once they go to college
  • They dance in the maze while listening to the live performance of “the world’s greatest John Denver cover band”
  • They finally make it out of the maze

Chapter 15: Last Chance, Josie

  • At the second Kettle Corn Kettle location, the employees tell the pair that Marcy left to catch the last haystack ride
  • D convinces J to run after her (and he does)

Chapter 16: Carpe Hayrack!

  • J jumps onto the ride while it’s going and sees Marcy
  • They talk and J realizes that Marcy isn’t what he clocked her to be
    • Marcy hates the pumpkin patch and only worked there to be with her friends
  • J realizes the value of his friendship with D and creates a new mission

Chapter 17: Pumpkin Bomb

  • J finds D while she’s eating a Pumpkin Bomb (vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between two slices of pumpkin pie covered in chocolate!)
  • He admits to her that Marcy isn’t who he thought she was and got over the crush
  • J asks D out and they kiss
  • Buck the ram chases after the candy apple thief and all is well in the world of Pumpkinheads

The End!


What are your thoughts on this post? What can I add to make this series better? Should I continue doing this? Let’s chat in the comments!


Until next time….



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